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Here is a thing I wrote for Yuletide:

Title: Respire le grand air
Fandom: Les Hommes Libres
Pairing: Salim Halali/Younes Ben Daoud

It is based on a film centred around the Grand Mosque in Paris during the Nazi occupation, and its role in saving Jewish people from persecution by issuing false certificates of Islamic faith. The extent to which this happened is a matter of some debate - there seem to be current politics related to the state of Israel and its relationship with other countries in the Middle East which affect this discussion - but one person who is thought to have been saved this way is Salim Halali, a Jewish Algerian who later became a famous singer. He was known, particularly, for reviving classical Andalusian music (which originated in Moorish Andalucia during the Middle Ages - it's beautiful, and I would recommend you give it a go. Try Jordi Savall and Granada Eterna as well as Salim Halali himself). He is also known to have been gay.

The film shows the relationship between Salim Halali and a fictional Algerian Muslim named Younes, who ends up (apparently through accidental awkwardness) getting involved in the operations of the Mosque; it basically consists of a lot of pining and longing glances and casual touching. There is even a happy ending.

It is not a well-known film, and I was sincerely surprised to get two comments on my fic because that meant that more than one person (my recipient) had seen it. But it is a good film, and a thoughtful film, and you can get it for £4.99 from iTunes, so you should all see it and then come and read my fic.
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