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I understand that many of you have gone to see Watchmen this weekend. I, on the other hand, went to see Fall Out Boy in the O2 arena in London.

I think we all know who wins.

Exhibit A: Patrick's thighs.
Exhibit B: Patrick's voice.
Exhibit C: Patrick stomping around like a tiny dinosaur, and shaking his REALLY fabulous arse, and doing guitar duels, and singing Lullaby, and doing impressions of Family Guy, and all kinds of Patricky things that made me clutch my hands to my bosom and sigh a lot.

Afterwards, we went back to [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen's house and watched Patrick sing Womanizer in Ellen Degeneres's bathroom while Pete dances in the background. We also read stories about Panic at the Disco stealing a Jonas Brother, and watched Amanda Palmer's videos and Brandon Flowers' codpiece and giggled a lot. Today we went to the Gay Bookshop and Emerald failed to keep from buying books on Greek homosexuality and gayporn (James Lear's The Secret Tunnel), and I failed to keep her from buying more scarves. We decided to blame Ryan Ross.

Also, apparently Gabe Saporta came up with the line detox just to retox.
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Okay, who's coming to see Fall Out Boy in London on March 6th? I call shenanigans! Especially drunken shenanigans! Who's with me?
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There's a chance I could go see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals in the next two months - is this a band worth seeing? Good music, good live band, what? I know very little about the guy and nothing at all about the band, so if you have thoughts/information/squeeing/vituperation about him/them, please share!
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i. My hard drive is fucked, but the nice people at the Mac centre tell me that it's easy to fix and falls under my warranty, so hopefully, I shall soon hold My Precious un my arms again(Yes, that is the name of my laptop, like you don't think of yours on similar terms).

ii. Fall Out Boy is playing UK tours, apparently - are they worth seeing live? I tend to cringe any time Pete opens his mouth (it's the I'm So Bad At Acting I Can't Play Myself -thing), but on the other hand, Patrick. *ponders* I'm thinking the London gig, possibly.

iii. I have realised that without my laptop, there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning. *sadpouts*
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Panic at the Disco playing more UK shows, buy tickets here

I'm going to London one, yay. *flaps hands feebly in celebration* I may have only had three hours of sleep last night. The things one does for Spencer Smith.
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Franz Ferdinand do an intimate UK tour? With a band called 'Panico'?

I can't decide whether I'd prefer that to be Panic at the Disco in disguise because they too want to do a tiny pub tour and because Brendon is shagging Alex Kapranos. Oh boy would I watch that. Or read that. Or just think about that really hard., or Franz Ferdinand as Panic tribute band. With the costumes and all. :D

Franz Ferdinand at a tiny pub venue! Eeeeeeeeeeek! *has tickets and is planning a t-shirt about being tie pervert*
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I saw Cobra Starship last night and they were fabulous. They were having so much fun and clearly just so happy to be there, and so happy that people knew the words. People were singing along from the first song (City Is At War) to Guilty Pleasure at the end, and everyone was clearly so into it. There were people with homemade Cobra t-shirts and all. A great show.

The thing is, though, that it was a fairly small venue and there were maybe a hundred people in the audience. This meant that we were able to get pretty close - I was with [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw, her sisters, and [livejournal.com profile] llassah, and we were standing on a sort of riser to the right of the stage, about two meters from the speakers and four meters from Alex Suarez. Which was great, in the sense that we could see them really well, but also meant that they could see us, which was, um, somewhat strange. I had eye contact with Alex a few times, and a bunch of times (six, seven?) with Gabe (probably because I was at the top of the riser, and closest to the stage), which was mildly unnerving and I sort of wanted to hide behind [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw. It's one thing for us to ogle them, see, and quite another for them to ogle back. Not that I was ogling VickyT's cleavage or anything. Cause that would be wrong. Even if it was magnificent and just, um, there.

Anyway, I was really impressed by Gabe Saporta's moves. *leers* And his hip-wriggling and all. He told a story about how he'd been shitfaced (his word *g*) at Give It A Name and crowdsurfed during Paramore's set, and how he'd ended up losing his glasses and his sidekick and everything, but some nice people had brough them back and given them to him at this show. Despite the numerous calls at their Myspace to publicise all the numbers and the pictures of his penis (again, his words). He also told us that after the show, they'd go to the bar underneath the club and continue drinking, which makes me think that at the UK tour, it really wouldn't be hard to meet these people. If you weren't, you know, embarrassed by the mere thought of eye contact with Gabe.

And yes, I was somehow compelled to make the fangs up sign. I blame the fact that Gabe Saporta has the filthiest grin known to man and that it's impossible to resist that. This, as [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw remarked, is how we know the cult-verse is true.
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i. I have bought a coffee grinder. It gives me an excuse to put even more coffee into my espresso maker (four shots of espresso, except stronger!), so am now slightly woozy from coffee. Wheeeeeee. *makes woozy head motions*

ii. Apparently, summer has arrived. Those of you not living in the UK might not realise that this isn't, in fact, a yearly occurrence (winter, on the other hand, does happen every year, but with summer it's more like every two or three years). Nevertheless, at the moment we have 25 ÂșC and sunshine, which means many half naked people wondering around. I may have been one of them this morning, even, since nice weather means that I can wear shorts and show off my tattoo. I very much like showing off my tattoo. This probably means that I'll have bare legs for the next three or four months.

iii. Met [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw today, who was lovely as ever. We are going to see Cobra Starship on Tuesday, which should be exciting, although I'm not sure if I can keep from giggling when Gabe does the cobra fangs. Then again, in this fandom mockery is love as can be proved by the very existence of Ryan Ross.

iv. Apparently there's a UK slash conference every October? [livejournal.com profile] connotations, and I'm astonished that I didn't know about this - did anyone know about this? Does anyone want to go? Sounds like fun. *ponders*
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So I went to see My Chemical Romance last night. :D

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On Sunday night, I shall be taking the train up to Newcastle to see My Chemical Romance in concert. I have successfully poked [livejournal.com profile] kabeyk into coming with me *pets cattleprod fondly*, despite the fact that she doesn't like MCR (although I have since then sent her The Black Parade and she has grudgingly admitted that it's not so bad). I've got my "teenagers scare the living shit out of me" t-shirt. Although, since it's November in Newcastle, I doubt it will get warm enough for me to take my jacket off for anyone to see it (I've got a seated ticket, so no rubbing off on warm bodies to get warm and sweaty. Sadly. But I can live vicariously through Frank Iero on this.)

I'm all set and wriggling with joy. How about you? *g*

[Poll #1085030]

Also, what do you think are the chances of there being any fondling/licking/kissing between Gerard and Frank?
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Does anyone know if they're showing the MTV European Music Awards on channels other than MTV in the UK? I've got Freeview and the Virginmedia box and such, but they don't seem to be showing on TMF or Channel Four (surely they used to do that?).

Which means I don't get to watch Gerard Way strut his stuff in Munich, and this makes me sad. :(
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Have bought a ticket for the Newcastle show. Am thinking of getting a t-shirt that says "teenagers scare the living shit out of me" for the show.

Okay, can anyone recommend a cheap B&B? *pokes flist*
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I am pretty much sitting on my hands to keep myself from buying a concert ticket to see My Chemical Romance in November. *fidgets uncomfortably*

Because, you see, the thing is - the two shows that I might conceivably go to are in faraway places, that is, London and Newcastle, which means I'd have to pay for trains and hotels as well as the ticket, and food and wine and stuff, and it would be a lot of money which I don't have.

I keep trying to remind myself that the show would probably be full of teenagers anyway, and I'd be filled with impotent rage towards Other People, and not be able to see anything, and...

Then again, I've got it bad. Bad. And by bad I mean that I have an old copy of Kerrang and I'm considering bluetacking pictures of MCR and FOB on my walls. That bad.

Yeah. *sits on hands*


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