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I have committed porn.

Title: No You Girls Never Know
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/The Doctor
Rating: NC-17
Summary: River deflowers the Doctor, because wouldn't you?
Kinks: Pegging, crossdressing, virginity
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I have committed porn.

Title: No You Girls Never Know
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/The Doctor
Rating: NC-17
Summary: River deflowers the Doctor, because wouldn't you?
Kinks: Pegging, crossdressing, virginity
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It is Easter, and yet we don't have Doctor Who. Have Moffat and co actually said anything about this unconscionable delay? I do not hold with this.

Since we are thus cruelly denied, here's a snippet from a fic I've been writing since last June. I don't have any great hopes of finishing it before this June, since the world refuses to provide me with inspiration. Damn you, world.

No You Girls Never Know. River Song/Doctor, Warnings Advertisements: Crossdressing, pegging, virginity.

Read more... )
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Spoilery spoilers below!

Merlin, 'The Darkest Hour'. 4.01 Read more... )

Doctor Who, 'The Wedding of River Song', 6.13. Read more... )
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I am down with a cold and it's most annoying. Yesterday I was actually too ill to read my computer screen (too ill for porn!!!), and even on the better days I've been unable to do anything other than read. I've taken this as an excuse to read Herodotus's Histories, and it has been rather exciting so far. Not least because my copy is a cheap Wordsworth edition with footnotes from 1859, and contains such gems as 'The Asiatic character is lazy, as can be seen from...' and 'This point has been disproven by the Bible'.

In other news, I'm thinking of writing an essay on 'The Doctor's Wife', and I need some help in finding earlier scenes where the Doctor refers to his relationship and history with the TARDIS. Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in anything from New Who, but older scenarios would also be welcome.

I also seem to be writing a fic where River Song takes the Doctor's virginity. Oops?
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Wow. That was the most boring DW episode I've ever seen. Read more... )
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Is it just me or is Doctor Who getting more and more boring this season? cut for spoilers of S4 )
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Oh my god. Doctor Who. Children in need. They did not just say that.
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Let us begin the gnawing of knuckles and the compulsive tapping of fingers in preparation for tonight's episode!

But first....Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I'm thinking the Master has the right idea about what to do with him, or so the trailer for this week's episode would suggest. *g*

Also, let's talk about predictions for the end. What do you think is going to happen? And no, I don't think there can be spoilers since the events that take place seem to have been more securely guarded than in HP books. Not that that's saying a lot. ;) My personal fantasy guess would be that Jack takes up travelling with the Doctor in the next season, while somehow also working at Torchwood. What do you think?
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So did anyone else see this? cut for picture from tomorrow's Doctor Who, not very spoilery )

and thought hmm, the Doctor has taken to travelling with Rodney McKay? Or is it just my feverish brain? There really should be fiction about this. Read more... )
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Doctor Who: 3.02 Shakespeare Code

That was brilliant!

cut for spoilers )
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First of all, I loved it. I love Martha. She is marvellous and cut for spoilers )
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i. I am back! And have now my very own computer, so I can get back to actually writing porn instead of furtively plotting it in public places. Fun as that can be.

ii. I have also constructed a proper plot for my remix, and have great plans for how to go about the writing. Just because it consists of a half a blowjob at the moment is no reason to panic, right? ;)

iii. [livejournal.com profile] hp_springsmut, for those very few of you that don't know, has been going on for the past month with many strange and stirring couplings, of which I shall have to make recs soon. There is also one of mine, which, erm, I think is greatly obvious as being mine. Despite the fact that this time there are no visits from Blaise, no over-indulgence of red wine and no reading of eighteenth-century novels. Can you guess? *g*

iv. Doctor Who tonight! I am so, so excited about this, and I think I'm going to quite like Martha. What are you lot most looking forward to seeing? Feel free to spoil me (am fairly spoilt as it is). For me, I'd have to say Captain Jack trying to get it on with the Doctor, as he undoubtedly will. What about you?
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I have many things I want to post about (American speaking in HP characters; Ianto Jones as sly manipulator; the point of being a single woman and not Bridget Jones) once I get back home - tomorrow! *hugs laptop in absentia* But now I have a more important question to ask.

Suppose that the whole cast of Torchwood would travel with the Doctor (and Martha) on the TARDIS. What would they want to do? How would they react? How would they behave?

There might be porn in this. :)


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