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So, Pete Wentz is sad.

I hope this means that the Fall Out Boy fandom is about to be revitalised by all kinds of h/c fic where Pete is comforted by Patrick/Joe/Andy/Gabe/Brendon/Spencer/gangbang by My Chem. This must happen, right? It sure would comfort me.

Or in case you wanted to be really adventurous, this would be a good opportunity to utilise the fandom trope of the healing cock. As in, you know, ADAM LAMBERT. You know he would.
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I understand that many of you have gone to see Watchmen this weekend. I, on the other hand, went to see Fall Out Boy in the O2 arena in London.

I think we all know who wins.

Exhibit A: Patrick's thighs.
Exhibit B: Patrick's voice.
Exhibit C: Patrick stomping around like a tiny dinosaur, and shaking his REALLY fabulous arse, and doing guitar duels, and singing Lullaby, and doing impressions of Family Guy, and all kinds of Patricky things that made me clutch my hands to my bosom and sigh a lot.

Afterwards, we went back to [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen's house and watched Patrick sing Womanizer in Ellen Degeneres's bathroom while Pete dances in the background. We also read stories about Panic at the Disco stealing a Jonas Brother, and watched Amanda Palmer's videos and Brandon Flowers' codpiece and giggled a lot. Today we went to the Gay Bookshop and Emerald failed to keep from buying books on Greek homosexuality and gayporn (James Lear's The Secret Tunnel), and I failed to keep her from buying more scarves. We decided to blame Ryan Ross.

Also, apparently Gabe Saporta came up with the line detox just to retox.
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Okay, who's coming to see Fall Out Boy in London on March 6th? I call shenanigans! Especially drunken shenanigans! Who's with me?
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Hello flist!

I aten't dead yet. I'm sorry I've been quiet again - there's nothing much to report, really, and I haven't had enough energy, time, or brains to write fic in a while. The hamster fic (Yes, I have a hamster fic. Don't judge me, my fandom has Gerard Way and I defy anyone not to gurgle with joy when he speaks about the hamster he's going to buy.) is stalling at 2800 words, but as soon as I figure out what needs to happen next, it'll be posted.

In other news, things that do not bring me joy these days:

- My continued state of unemployment.

- The cold that makes me sniffle all the time. Not as bad as it could be, admittedly, but there's a limit to the amount of tissues I can afford to buy in a week.

- The ache in my stomach, that makes me worry about cancers, bowel diseases and appendicitis, even though it's propably just stress.

- My paralysing dread of academic job applications.

- The fact that my weekly budget has no room for wine. Sadly, this seems to be the worst thing.

Things That Do Bring Me Joy these days.

- Bunnies!

- Patrick Motherfucking Stump, and his voice, his cover of Love Lockdown, and his devotion to his Pete.

- Fall Out Boy concert next week.

- Spencer Smith pedostache of immense ugliness and hilarity.

- BBC's Merlin with it's cuddly bickering boys.

- The Daily Show and Jon Stewart's delightful little giggle .

- Gerard Way's continued existence.

Anyway, how is all of you? Hope you're having a good month, full of autumnal leaves and delightfully curvy pumpkins and apple pie. And porn. We all need the porn.
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Download Fall Out Boy Mixtape for free here.

It includes a song by Cobra Starship called I Kissed A Boy. I sort of love this band. *g*

In other news, I went to a picnic in the park yesterday, and am now covered in midge bites. *scratches self furiously* I hate bugs SO MUCH.
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i. My hard drive is fucked, but the nice people at the Mac centre tell me that it's easy to fix and falls under my warranty, so hopefully, I shall soon hold My Precious un my arms again(Yes, that is the name of my laptop, like you don't think of yours on similar terms).

ii. Fall Out Boy is playing UK tours, apparently - are they worth seeing live? I tend to cringe any time Pete opens his mouth (it's the I'm So Bad At Acting I Can't Play Myself -thing), but on the other hand, Patrick. *ponders* I'm thinking the London gig, possibly.

iii. I have realised that without my laptop, there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning. *sadpouts*
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So apparently Pete Wentz got married yesterday? As I am philosophically opposed to the institution of heterosexual marriage, I cannot, in good conscience, congratulate him on this occasion, but they seem to be very happy together (and Ashlee Simpson, in particular, seems to be stupidly in love, which is kind of endearing), so whatever, good for them.

I am, however, sad that we didn't get, as [livejournal.com profile] giddygeek predicted, a blog post with a picture of Pete and Patrick in their tuxes and a not-so-cryptic reference to gay marriage in California. That would have been glorious.
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I have written 1000 words of thesis today which, on the one hand, is good but, on the other hand, is half of what I was supposed to write. I blame the Regency AU and Spencer Smith's riding crop, and the fact that these things have forced me (Yes, forced! With a poignard to my throat!) to think about how such a Spencer might make Brendon come in his breeches, using only the riding crop and his voice.

It has also been pointed out to me today that I'm a pervert. This is surely not news to anyone.

However, since you lot seem to enjoy my perversity, I figure I might share some thoughts with you. More specifically, some imagined conversations which brought me great amusement.

Random Interviewer: So, how are you today?
Pete Wentz: Patrick exists and all is well in the world!
RI: Have you been enjoying the nice weather, then?
Pete: Patrick makes the sun shine!
RI: How's the new record going?
Pete: Patrickplayseveryinstrumentintheworldandhasthevoiceofanangelheisatotalmusicalgenius!
RI: Um. So, you're dating Ashlee Simpson, how's that going for you?
Pete: It's cool, we're having fun.

Also, I would really love to hear a conversation between Gerard Way and Ryan Ross about clothes. Gerard would be all supportive of Ryan's strange clothing choices, cause you need to express yourself even if it makes you funny-looking! And Ryan would be all, um, you wear the same black jeans until they break. And black shirts. And hoodies. And Gerard would say yes, they express the darkness of my inner soul and shit! Then Pete would join in, and Gerard and Ryan would unite in mocking his fashion sense.

Okay, it was funny when I first thought it.

Here, have a snippet from the Regency AU.

cut for ficcish snippet and Gerard's, well, Gerardness )
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Thanks to all who responded to me gender and sexuality poll yesterday! I will respond to comments, but it might not be immediately as there are hand-problems, not to mention Growing Old, which is imminent. *does not count the hours left to her youth, not at all*

In the mean time, I have bought two new (green, duh) t-shirts, which are in need of witty slogans and/or MCR lyrics. Possibly both, if such a thing can be managed. I'm thinking of "UNAPOLOGETIC APATHY" for one, but we'll see. Thoughts? What My Chem (or FOB, or Panic, or Cobra) song-lyric do you think would look good on a t-shirt?
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Wow that's a tight race. I gather Pete Wentz has mobilised all his minions and their livejournals in order to guarantee Patrick's victory? *g* While Patrick himself keeps blushing and tugging at his hat and saying "no, stop telling me about this, stop talking, Pete, shut up". And then Pete has to go and poke at his belly and tell him how sexy he is, yes?

Someone should write that. *pokes flist*

And if you still haven't voted, go to! Because FRANK. Look at his little face! How could you vote against such adorableness? ;)
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A friend has asked me about what bandom boys tend to wear apart from skinny jeans and eyeliner, and I was forced to admit that in picspams, I'm uninclined to pay attention to bodyparts that are clothed, so um, help?

I know the My Chem boys wear less skinny jeans than most of bandom (tight jeans yes, esp. Gerard and Ray), but I'm finding it hard to describe their clothing habits otherwise. And make-up? What about Fall Out Boy, apart from Pete - t-shirts and hoodies, not make up? Panic (!) at the Disco?

Please help! Both pictures and illustrative porn are particularly welcome!
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Who is sexier, Frank Iero or Patrick Stump? Go here and vote.

Not that I wouldn't want to lick Patrick's belly and stroke his sideburns, but FRANK.

The best way to end an argument: "yes, I see your point, but FRANK." - y/n? :P
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I promised [livejournal.com profile] fleshdress and [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen fic recs for bandom, and since I am a conscientious enabler...

Introduction to Bandom reclist! My Chem centric because, well, FRANK. Which seems to be a justification I use a lot recently, but seriously, just look at him. *points to icon* How can you resist? ;)

Mostly Canonical Fics, where they are people in bands.

A Natural Reaction to Rough-Housing by [livejournal.com profile] bexless

Frank/Gerard, long. Frank discovers that he likes comforting Gerard after he has been hurt, but is somewhat troubled by all the hurt he ends up causing. Hilarious (I've been using snippets of the text to lure [livejournal.com profile] kabeyk into the fandom, and despite her dislike of My Chem in particular and RPS in general, this fic has caused her to waver) and sweet, with a most enjoyable character-based plot. [livejournal.com profile] bexless is one of the best writers in this fandom, and her Frank/Gerard in particular is brilliant.

A Necessary Requirement also by [livejournal.com profile] bexless

Frank/Gerard, short and endlessly funny. Gerard feels that dick-showing should happen only in the context of a loving, stable relationship.

Between these two fics, you'll learn all you need to know about My Chem, and about Frank and Gerard's relationship. :)

Unequivocal by [livejournal.com profile] stereomer

Frank/Gerard, long. Basically follows the real life events of the band, with added Frank/Gerard. All you need to know about the history of My Chem, as well as vastly interesting as a character piece.

Pretty in Ink by [livejournal.com profile] mimesere

Pete/Patrick, Patrick/MCR, short. Possibly the most hilarious fic in the history of the universe. The rest of Fall Out Boy worry about Patrick's tattoo virginity, while Patrick has a gangbang with My Chemical Romance. And who wouldn't, honestly? :P

A Stitch Away From Making It (A Scar Away From Falling Apart) by [livejournal.com profile] femmequixotic

Pete/Patrick, long. Pete Wentz's sextape leaks out, and Patrick is conflicted and horny. Long and soulful.

Chord Change by [livejournal.com profile] giddygeek

Pete/Patrick, short. All Decaydance bands turn gay for Patrick. Hilarious and sweet.

Clothes Off! by [livejournal.com profile] queenofhell

Pete/Patrick, Pete/bunch of other people, short. Pete Wentz has trouble with other people's dicks. Sweet and funny.

Anywhere You Let It Go by [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants

Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer, long. With added Panic (!) at the Disco. Skoosiepants has a style of writing that is both sidesplittingly funny and heartwarmingly thoughtful. Also, this one has My Chem in crushed velvet. Bob Bryar in crushed velvet. And Patrick Stump's weirdly stoic baby.

Mostly AUs

Conclusions by [livejournal.com profile] bexless

Frank/Gerard, long. What might have happened if they hadn't formed the band - Frank owns a small record company and Gerard is a basement-dwelling artist. Hilarious and endearing and full of genius characterisation.

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by [livejournal.com profile] stele3

Frank/Gerard, long. Where Gerard is a failed rockstar and Frank is an angel who falls into his kitchen. Naked. *g* Also includes some of the best insightful writing I've encountered, a compelling plot, and FRANK. No, really. If you read only one of the fics in this list, read this one. Link goes to final part, which has links to previous chapters.

The Holly Golightly Club by [livejournal.com profile] fluffontop

Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, long. Based on the I'm Not Okay video, where My Chem are boys in a prep school (ties!), and also nerds who get beaten up by jocks. Most amusing and engaging.

In Which Gerard Is A Quirky College Professor, And Frank Is The Best TA Ever by [livejournal.com profile] wordslinging

Frank/Gerard, long. The title really says it all. *g* Link goes to final part, which has links to previous chapters.

Forever, Now by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane

Long genfic, where Gerard and Mikey are streetkids and Brian Schechter takes them home. No, not like that you perverts. Also, with the world's tiniest Frank who never fails to be awesome and hilarious, and some added Brendon/Spencer.

A Common Understanding by [livejournal.com profile] joyfulseeker

Pete/Patrick, long. A scifi AU where Pete blackmails Patrick into being his mistress. Lovely and hot, and yay for my favourite kink ever. ;)

Supersaturation, Solvation and Enthalpy by [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants.

SGA/Bandom crossovers, long, with Brendon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Jon, Bob/Joe et al. Hilarious and endearing and engaging, and very much worth the read if you're into SGA at all.

If you want more, check out anything by [livejournal.com profile] bexless, [livejournal.com profile] giddygeek and [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants. Or my Bandslash recs at del.icio.us.
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It appears my usual radio station has not been up to snuff. Now, I appreciate that BBC2 has the reputation for the being the station for little old ladies and middle-aged accountants, but they also play U2 and REM and The Divine Comedy, they even play Franz Ferdinand and Muse and the Kaiser Chiefs, and up to now I've had no reason to be dissatisfied with their musical selection (dissatisfied and highly annoyed by Terry Wogan, that's another thing).

The thing is, though, that up to my immersion in bandom a few months I had never heard of My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. None of their songs were familiar when I did hear them. Clearly I am missing out on something.

So, can anyone recommend a better radio station in the UK? I'm tentatively listening to BBC1, but they also play a lot of technodance/r'n'b which I really don't like. So, any advice would be much appreciated. :)

Here's an amusing anecdote to illustrate my current musical ignorance:

Having never heard of MCR or FOB, I was also completely ignorant of Rihanna and her song "Umbrella". So when I was linked to a youtube video with Gerard Way singing a clip of that particular song, and wasn't familiar with the lyrics, what I heard was: "You can stay under my younger brother."

And thought, hmm, okay, I know he has a younger brother, and they like to show affection on stage, and I didn't realise there was also pimping involved, but really, that explains so much.

Yes, feel free to laugh at me. *g*
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Lately, I have been thinking about getting another tattoo. And okay, this might have something to do with the many, many pictures of Frank Iero that I've been forced to look at recently, but I have also become more curious about the aesthetics of tattoos - what makes tattooed skin beautiful? Is it beautiful? What does it mean when you put such signs on your skin? What does it say about you?

I've had my one tattoo for seven years now, I've not regretted it once but I've also not been tempted to get more. If I do decide to go for it, there will have to be a lot of thinking and discussing and practising with permanent markers first.

And while I do that, here's a poll. ;)

What do you think about tattoos? Your own, other people's? On shoulders, bellies, thighs, on Pete Wentz's hipbones, on Frank Iero's arms? What makes a tattoo sexy, or not? What makes it interetsing?

[Poll #1064065]

[Poll #1064066]
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My sleeping issues seem to have sorted themselves somewhat - I am still tired as fuck but at least I can get up in the morning. Yay for mornings. Especially now that they have fixed my shower and I have actual hot water. So much yay for hot showers.

In other news, I have recently purchased two albums of both Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. I have also purchased some eyeliner, hair gel, and three pairs of skinny jeans. I fear these events are not unrelated. *hangs head in shame* I should be too old for this shit.

Especially since I am not a boy, and therefore wearing eyeliner doesn't quite have the same subversive queer panache. Also, it makes me look like an underaged prostitute, or possibly Avril Lavigne, neither of which is a look I wish to cultivate. Although this might be because I'm just rubbish at putting on make up.

Anyway, I'm far too old to try to look trendy - how can I look down on undergraduates if I can't call them shallow and maintain a superior stance through dress code? - but there is just something about pretty boys in eyeliner that makes me aspirational. Wah.

Okay, enough self-indulgent whining - I draw the line at actually behaving emo. Here's a fic rec, and look ma, it's HP! Apparently I am still reading it. And oh, there should be Adventures this weekend.

A bright particular star by [livejournal.com profile] flambeau Remus/Sirius, NC-17

Their last Christmas at Hogwarts, with a lovely slow pace and a delightfully happy Remus. Not to mention some somewonderfully awkward and warm sex scenes. Go read!
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It appears I have become completely nocturnal. I went to bed around 6 am and got up at 5 pm. Now, fortunately, I am a student and don't have anywhere I need to be during the day (things I need to do, sure, but places to be? Not so much.). Still, this does put a strain on my functionality in terms of runnign errands and calling businesses during office hours. Not to mention having lunch with friends (Lunch=midnight snack).

That said, I'm kind of curious about the possibility of correcting my fucked up sleeping patterns by trying to stay up later rather than get up earlier. Stay up until noon, maybe, then early afternoon, then evening and actual night at some point. Hmm.

In other news, the last chapter of Adventures in High Life (for the three of you who are still following that) has returned from the beta and only requires a little more fiddling from my part. So, soon.

Also, annoyance of the day: I ordered a Fall Out Boy cd from amazon about three weeks ago, and it has not yet arrived. This pains me greatly. My iPod is pining for more Patrick Stump. Pining, I tell you. Argh. *sulks*

Perhaps it's time for my morning coffee now.
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Having acquired internet late last night, I have spent the last 15 hours or so online (okay, there was a five-hour break for sleep, but still), and reminded myself of why global communication and information-sharing is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And also that internet is for the porn. Oh, the porn. So much porn. You lot have been prolific in my absence, haven't you? Especially SGA people - I still have half of [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match things to read, not to mention various long and oft-recced individual pieces. Well done, all. You have served me well. *pats flist*

And not that much wank, apparently, except that Gerard Way got married (to a woman, sadly), which seems to have prompted some interesting discussions about stagegay. Withough getting into the whole thing (although a part of me wants to go spout Judith Butler at people, and talk about stylised acts of gender performance and how identity and the performance of said identity need not be and should not be restricted and prescribed according to conventional formulations of gender stereotypes), I would like to point out two things I noticed yesterday when, Before The Internet, I spent some time watching The Hits (UK music channel, for those of you who don't know), and reading Kerrang! (my very first bought copy. Makes me feel like a teenager.).

This is something I didn't know about current discussions of music - that people comment on how pretty young male artists are, that they are seen snogging and groping each other and that this is considered to be hot, and commented on as such, by both male and female fans. Now, my confusion is as follows: I know that in fandom, in the slash fandom which I inhabit, we talk about such things. I talk about such things with my RL friends, and we are all academics and feminists and interested in discussing changing perceptions of desire (production of desire by performed narratives, expressions of desire). But I didn't realise that people outside my very small fannish and very small academic circles did this.

And the fact that they do this? Is pretty damn awesome. And I absolutely think that this makes the world a better place.

Oh, and the other thing I noticed is that Billy Corgan looks like the lovechild of Lex Luthor and Gerard Way. Not sure I want to pursue that line of thought. Okay, maybe I do, but I am not going to.

In other news, I seem to have become tragically intrigued to bandomslash. If you have recs (or videos, or music, or anything, really) about Fall Out Boy and/or My Chemical Romance, please be sharing. I am eager to be seduced by this.

P.S. Due to my new copy of Kerrang!, I am now in possession of a sticker that says "What Would Pete Wentz Do?" This amuses me greatly.


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