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i. I am writing Inception fic where the team tries to discover the secret of the Sachertorte. Yes, my brain likes to reduce serious mindcrime and exciting espionage shenanigans to a quest for more chocolate. That's just how I roll.

ii. In other Tom Hardy (&hearts Tom Hardy&hearts) news, I am currently downloading Colditz in order to acquire more of his deliciousness. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I actually get flustered just by thinking about him. He is making me ridiculous, and I don't even mind. :D :D :D

iii. Speaking of boys who make me ridiculous, GERARD. Apparently he's drinking again? I'm quietly devastated by this, but then again whatevs, it's his liver.

iv. I'm enjoying the new album, although not as much as I'd hoped. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na lol) has become one of my favourite songs in a very short time, but the rest of it is more amusing than OMG New And Beautiful Noises Never Heard Before. I do like the sneaky and suggestive voice he does in Planetary (GO!), and the beginning of Vampire Money makes me crack up every time. Oh Gerard, how so ridiculous.

v. I signed up for Yuletide to write in fandoms I've never done before, and six of them at that. I'm not quite sure what came over me. I blame Andrew Lloyd Webber - I was trying to find Jesus Christ Superstar, but they didn't have it, so I ended up signing up for other kinds of Bible slash instead. Mostly I just want to write about Judas Iscariot and his passionate and ansgt-filled relationship with Jesus. What, you know they were so doing it. How else explain the bitterness?

vi. Does anyone have recommendations on cold luncheon type meals? I'm needing to eat more solidly during the day because I start feeling faint so easily, but I've run through all my existing recipes already. I'm particularly thinking of more Bulgur Wheat related things that are not tabbouleh (I love tabbouleh but have made it too often recently). Any suggestions?
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I have recently heard disturbing rumours about other people's cooking habits and consequently, have decided to make a poll. How often do you cook? If you don't eat home-cooked food, what do you eat? Feel free to expand in the comments.

[Poll #1521895]
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I made Lentil Stew with Sausage and it is the most delicious thing ever. I used chorizo and puy lentils and it is SO GOOD. EAT THIS AND IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.
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There must be something wrong with me as I cannot, cannot make a red pasta sauce.

Or rather, I can make it but it won't be very pleasant - edible, sure, but not really tasty in any way. I can't count the times I've tried a different recipe, or a new kind of tomato/tomato can, to try and make it better, and it has never worked. This is incredibly frustrating since I really love a well-made tomato sauce, and would like to be able to make it myself. I am generally a good cook, so I don't understand why this keeps happening, and ARGH.


So, if you happen to be one of those people who are able, through some kind of MAGIC, to produce this wondrous meal, please can you help a girl out? Or direct me to a recipe? Or SOMETHING? Please. Otherwise I might end up throwing the whole thing on the wall, and my flat is already covered in disgusting things. It does not need extra orange.
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i. I have just got home to [insert [livejournal.com profile] wildestranger's home town here] after spending a week at my mother's house. As an attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown because of the insects, this has been successful, and I have not even seen any more bugs since I got home. That they might be completely gone would be too good to be true, but no nervous breakdown tonight at least! Yay!

ii. Staying with my mom was actually nice this time - usually I get fractious and bored too easily and miss home too much, but on this occasion I really enjoyed myself. This is possibly related to the fact that my mother has, for the first time ever, acquired internet access. There something very relaxing about having somebody cook all your meals and do all your laundry and clean your room, and not having to worry about money and jobs and cleaning for a while is so lovely. It also makes one fail less at being an adult after the event, I find. Not to mention the fact that there is usually loot. *g* During my week away I have acquired: a green laundry box (which is particularly delightful as I have storage problems in my flat, and a cloth box helps with the dust), a green backpack (for going to the gym etc - very pretty and with many exciting pockets), a vest with many tantalising buttons, a new phone, and an Amy MacDonald cd. Loot is good, but green loot is better.:)

iii. I have started writing the Brendon Is A Virginal Governess-fic. Still getting settled on the characterisation and translating intelligible Ryan-speak to fake Regency rakishness, but the plotting is rather exciting. [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane has convinced me that there must be a Thunderstorm, an Abandoned Cottage and Cuddling For Warmth.

iv. I discovered the other day that I've lost some weight - two kilos, which doesn't sound like much but for someone as small as me it's inching towards ill health. My usual weight has been 46-48 kilos for years, and that's healthy for me (I am seriously that tiny), but now I seem to be around 44 kilos. I'm trying to think of healthy ways to put on weight or more precisely, healthy foods that I could tempt myself to eat. If any of you have thoughts on such foods or better yet, recipes, I would be very grateful.
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I made a frittata and it is so good. *makes slurping noises* Note that is not something that happens very often in my cooking. I might put up the recipe, even, since it involved a creative addition to the recipe-book and is all the more delicious for it. Seriously, this never happens when I cook. I continue to be amazed.

Also, the government is making unhappy noises about alcohol consumption in the UK. Excessive drinking is, of course, a very bad thing, and I've had many thoughts on how this cultural trend might be changed (Stop serving "big" glasses of wine in restaurants! Stop selling wine under five pounds, or beer for 3 for 2 in shops! Ban Lambrini!), but mostly the sight of endless bottles of red wine on my telly has made me, um, have some wine. Am having Mediterranean food, tis clearly a Special Occasion. Well, tasty food that I actually cooked is a very special occasion.

So, how was your day? Tell me of tasty food- or drummer-related thoughts that you've had!
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Does anyone have a good recipe for red pasta sauce? Apparently I need more than caffeine to remain functional. Oops.
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Daer BBC Weather,

If I can see snow from my window, that means it's not 6 °C. From dazzling sunshine to a snow blizzard (it's horizontal and blowing hard, please avoid making Pete Wentz jokes) in half an hour, what the fuck? I'm very displeased with you. Both the weather and the BBC. *sulks*

And I was just about to go to the shops and indulge in organic vegetables and foodshopping, having been ogling [livejournal.com profile] pollanesque for the past few hours and salivating over the recipes. Thwarted by the weather! *shakes tiny fist at the sky*

No love,

P.S. Incidentally, if you're interested in healthy eating and/or ethical shopping, have a look at [livejournal.com profile] pollanesque. They are most inspirational. :)


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