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i. Alex Kapranos is still the hottest man in the world.

ii. He still likes to begin a show by asking Michael to come all over him.

iii. All of their songs are still about dirty, dirty sex.

iv. Alex Kapranos also likes to introduce his band members by inviting the audience to think about Nick McCarthy when lying in bed at night, looking for something to get you off. Nick McCarthy responds to this by giving Alex the finger.

v. They still put on an amazing show.

In addition, I would pay good money to see Alex Kapranos and the rest of Franz Ferdinand engage with bandom. Imagine how their brand of unabashed homoeroticism would play against say, Ryan Ross, or Gabe Saporta, or Gerard Way. Or Adam Lambert. Go on, imagine it. Then write me it!
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Franz Ferdinand has a new video, where they punch themselves in the face. No, really.

Alex Kapranos, you magnificent bastard, never stop being so amazing. And so amazingly hot. *leers*
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I finally got my hands on the new Franz Ferdinand. The actual cd, that is, of course - the music I have had since (or before *g*) it came out, because no one could possibly expect me to do without some extra Alex Kapranos in my iPod.

But the album, now that I can play it with more volume and wriggle along to it in the shower and so forth...

You'll be pleased to know that the music of Franz Ferdinand continues to be all about dirty sex. And by dirty I mean bitter and guilty and drunken and angry and hotlikeburning. Alex Kapranos's voice is the feel of a fingertip sliding on your belly, or the scrape of nails along your spine.

In other news, I am having many thoughts about the bitter-and-drunken sex that Ryan and Jon need to have in my BBB. :)
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge.

Go to your icons page in Livejournal and look at the first two icons (the one on the right and the one on the left). Pair up the characters in the two icons. Go to the next two and do the same until you have a list of ships. Then...well, write 'em.

Interesting possibilities...

Frank Iero/Draco Malfoy.
Alex Kapranos/Jack Harkness
Rodney McKay/Riding crop.

Well, I'm not going to write these, but if anyone else would like to, you would earn my eternal devotion...*tempts*
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Franz Ferdinand do an intimate UK tour? With a band called 'Panico'?

I can't decide whether I'd prefer that to be Panic at the Disco in disguise because they too want to do a tiny pub tour and because Brendon is shagging Alex Kapranos. Oh boy would I watch that. Or read that. Or just think about that really hard., or Franz Ferdinand as Panic tribute band. With the costumes and all. :D

Franz Ferdinand at a tiny pub venue! Eeeeeeeeeeek! *has tickets and is planning a t-shirt about being tie pervert*


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