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i. I am writing Inception fic where the team tries to discover the secret of the Sachertorte. Yes, my brain likes to reduce serious mindcrime and exciting espionage shenanigans to a quest for more chocolate. That's just how I roll.

ii. In other Tom Hardy (&hearts Tom Hardy&hearts) news, I am currently downloading Colditz in order to acquire more of his deliciousness. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I actually get flustered just by thinking about him. He is making me ridiculous, and I don't even mind. :D :D :D

iii. Speaking of boys who make me ridiculous, GERARD. Apparently he's drinking again? I'm quietly devastated by this, but then again whatevs, it's his liver.

iv. I'm enjoying the new album, although not as much as I'd hoped. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na lol) has become one of my favourite songs in a very short time, but the rest of it is more amusing than OMG New And Beautiful Noises Never Heard Before. I do like the sneaky and suggestive voice he does in Planetary (GO!), and the beginning of Vampire Money makes me crack up every time. Oh Gerard, how so ridiculous.

v. I signed up for Yuletide to write in fandoms I've never done before, and six of them at that. I'm not quite sure what came over me. I blame Andrew Lloyd Webber - I was trying to find Jesus Christ Superstar, but they didn't have it, so I ended up signing up for other kinds of Bible slash instead. Mostly I just want to write about Judas Iscariot and his passionate and ansgt-filled relationship with Jesus. What, you know they were so doing it. How else explain the bitterness?

vi. Does anyone have recommendations on cold luncheon type meals? I'm needing to eat more solidly during the day because I start feeling faint so easily, but I've run through all my existing recipes already. I'm particularly thinking of more Bulgur Wheat related things that are not tabbouleh (I love tabbouleh but have made it too often recently). Any suggestions?
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This has been a pretty awful week. I've been down with a vicious cold since Monday, and have tried to write a five-part job application to a US university in between napping and coughing and drinking tea. If I say that even the thought of wine does not make me want to have any, that will tell you how sick I've been.

All of which is why it has taken me so long to write this post, but LAST SATURDAY I WENT TO LONDON TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.


Ahem.Read more... )
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My Bandom Big Bang is handed in! Quite literally at the last minute - I went and found out what time it was midnight in Hawai'i (11.00 UK time, it turns out), and set my alarm clock accordingly. Not that I won't still be doing extensive rewriting because wow does it suck in its current form, but still.

Now that that is done, I can talk about my Very Exciting Weekend, which included Cobra Starship, lots of squealing over Adam Lambert, some therapeutic watching of Life On the Murder Scene, Star Trek, and three bottles of wine. And sunshine. In the UK, this is a rare event which inspires people to take their clothes off in public and consume large quantities of alocohol whilst turning increasingly red. You'll be pleased to know that [personal profile] emeraldgreen and I were able to participate in this tradition.

1. Cobras at ULU. It was a fun show despite the venue being inexplicably dry - there was plastic over the beer taps, it was a most distressing sight - and the band was very enthusiastic. (We are not going to mention the support bands. Anybody who brings Cash Cash into my journal will get smacked with a glowstick. That fucking song is already in my head.) I also learned to use glowsticks and to make fistpumps with great glee (these two things were not disconnected). Gabe was sporting his usual glasses and hat combo, and I kind of wanted to go and ask him about his Patrick Stump look (and tell him that Patrick looks prettier with it, of course). Amusingly, he said something about wouldn't we rather see Cobra Starship on the charts than some dude from American Idol, which...you know, they've got some fun songs and all, but Adam Lambert is a shiny unicorn prince and your argument is invalid. He's got a huge talent, and I've not seen yours, Mr Saporta, so less with the bitching, please.

2. There was an aftershow at a nearby bar, which was both hilarious and incredibly weird. It's an awkward situation, the fans trying not to stare too much or be too creepy (well, most fans, obviously there are exceptions) and buying drinks for the pleasure of being in the same room as the band, while the band tries too look like they're just out having fun rather than engaging in a PR event. I thought about whether I'd want to go and talk to some of them as they were there and clearly prepared to chat to people, but just the idea of walking up to a complete stranger is sort of mindcurlingly embarrassing, especially considering the Band/Fans hierarchy that was going on. I stood next to VickyT at the bar at one point (she had tequila shots *g*), but that was pretty much it. I thought about asking Gabe what he had against Adam Lambert, but then at the end of the night we saw him and some of the band climb into a taxi with a gaggle of (fake) blonde (look, I'm a natural light-brown dark blonde so I'm allowed to be smug about these things, okay?) fans in skimpy dresses, and I decided that a fan encounter would not be something I'd want to do . It is a strange dynamic that's created in these events, and I'm starting to think that meeting anybody out of these bands (except of course Gerard, who is PERFECT) is not a good idea.

3. On Saturday, [personal profile] emeraldgreen, yan_tan_tether (are you on dreamwidth?) and I went for a picnic in St James's park. It was 24 degress and I wore hotpants for the first time ever, which was pretty exciting. *g* We had cheese and olives and houmous, and talked about pairing Adam Lambert with everybody in bandom. I'm thinking of writing an Adam/Patrick fic (tentatively titled 'till your lungs give out') where they make beautiful music together and Pete is jealous in a number of hilarious ways (think about it, all these years of guyliner and crazy hair and nailpolish, and then Adam Lambert comes along and wins not only the hearts of the nation but also Patrick Stump?).

4. On Sunday, [personal profile] emeraldgreen and I went to see Star Trek, which we decided was deliciously slashy and Read more... ) This also means that I am on the lookout for interesting meta posts and above all, porn (Kirk/Spock preferred but other options also considered), so if you have recs please come and share. I am very eager to explore this fandom more deeply.

5. What's up with you guys? I'm mostly caught up on my flist but it's quite possible that I've missed some stuff, so please link me if you/Gerard/Adam did something exciting.
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Bandit Lee Way? Oh Gerard.

It's not Helena Sparklepoo, but still an excellent name for a little girl. :D

Yes, apparently they had a baby girl, source from [personal profile] chemicalromance
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1. Gerard.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that Gerard Way makes me happy on a daily basis just by existing. At the moment, however, he is making me particularly happy with this, My Chemical Romance's video for Desolation Row, which one astute commentator described as Gerard's bondage fantasy porno that he decided to share with us.

This is why we love Gerard. He shares such things with us. And his fantasy includes Frank blowing raspberries and writhing on the floor, Ray beating people up with his guitar, Mikey being pushed about by police officers, a naked dudebro who starts a riot because the My Chem tickets are sold out (in [livejournal.com profile] bexless's words), and Gerard strutting about and being incredibly pretty. This video offers an endless of plethora of delights, and you should go see it. That's how Gerard Way will save your life.

2. Disloyal Water Buffaloes.

I haven't really spoken about Fall Out Boy's Folie A Deux, but that's because I have been too overcome with delight rather than because I had nothing to say. This song exemplifies why. Hilarious and pop-culture referencing title, anthemic and joyful rock music, and Patrick Motherfucking Stump. This is what makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. And to belt out Boycott Love! at random people.

3. Ryan Ross/Flowery scarves

It's kind of sad how immensely hilarious I find Ryan Ross's wardrobe choices. Both in potentia and in reality - there's a real danger that Ryan/Entertaining Items of Clothing will surpass all other pairings in Brendolina and take over the plot, but I can't seem to help myself. *is warped in the brain*

4. Original Slavefic.

This is a wip slavefic with original characters - the premise might seem a bit cliched to begin with but it is so much better than that. I am utterly fascinated by the dynamics between the two characters and have spent a lot of time pondering how things might progress. There is interesting world-building and depiction of cultural clashes and a compelling plot, but at the centre of it all is this amazing UST, which is complicated by so many things that I can't actually think of a way that it might be resolved (but I'm having fun trying). I can't remember the last time I read a romance plot where the ending wasn't obvious, and this is what makes the story so enjoyable. Much recommended.

In other news, I posted the second chapter of Brendolina this weekend in case anybody missed it.
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My Chemical Romance's Desolation Row single is available legally now! *pokes flist* Come on, people, go buy it - it's only £ 0.79 and I want to see this song at the top of every single list next week! We can all agree that Gerard choosing to share his bondage fantasy porn with us is a priceless thing, but this is very little money to support our band. OUR BAND. Who have their first single out in a long time.

I am possibly a bit too excited about this, but Gerard.
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This morning I spent 40 min waiting for a bus that didn't show up. Then I had to email my boss to say that I can't come to work. This has not been a good day.

On the other hand, I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo on my back. Along the spine orjust next to it. It would go.

if you

What do you think? For those of you not in bandom, that is the first line of My Chemical Romance's 'I'm Not Okay'. Yes, I do love Gerard Way that much. *g*

[Poll #1344034]
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I am confused by My Chem's twitter extravaganza. How do you get to read the actual posts and not just titles? I need to know what Gerard's latest updeet says.

It's sort of embarrassing that even though I am a) younger and b) an internet pervert, Gerard Way is more savvy about the ways of the Twitter.

In other news, my arthritis is bad and I want to cut off my right hand. I'm not going to, of course, but it's a very pleasurable thought.

[Poll #1304203]

Also, in case you hadn't noticed. I have wine. :D
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Dear Bandom,

I am laughing at you all. Yes, all of you. *chuckles*

Also, counting down until you start shipping Bronx Mowgli Wentz and Helena Sparklepoo Ballato-Way.

with love but mainly amusement,

P.S. Not to rain on your parade (much *g*) but would it be a good idea to wait until Gerard and/or Lyn-Z actually makes an announcement?

ETA: And the prize goes to [personal profile] vic_ramsey!
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So, do we agree that Pete made a mixtape so that Gerard would have something to listen to on his roadtrip, other than A Clockwork Orange?

*imagines Gerard singing along to I Kissed A Boy*
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I seem to have accidentally ordered the special edition of Pretty.Odd. By accidentally I mean after watching the Making Of thingy on youtube and needing more. This is all kinds of ridiculous since I have a) already downloaded the album, and b) already bought the album from amazon. This makes my number of copies to three.

I blame Brendon Urie and his apple-bottom.

Not to mention that I am currently writing fic where Gerard is a maudlin Regency poet, Brendon is a blushing debutante being married off for money, and Pete Wentz owns a secret radical printing press (Patrick writes dissenting tracts whilst fending off Pete's advances). There is also a hamster named Augustus.

I fear my brain is warped.
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See that boy in my icon. That boy? Is trouble.

You see, My Chemical Romance is what tends to make me want to make high-pitched noises in my throat and dance in my chair and make funny faces at the computer screen (because, well, GERARD). My Chem is the band that makes me want to proselytise (Have you accepted Gerard Way as your personal saviour? Have you?) and make cds for my friends so that they too can appreciate the genius of The Black Parade and do joyful fist-bumps to Teenagers. Gerard Way's little face is what makes me randomly crack up as I'm walking down the street. I have, at a drunken moment in my past, written GERARD WAY SAVES LIVES on my arm.

Panic (!) at the Disco, on the other hand, has been the least interesting of the main bandom bands for me - I've read and enjoyed the fiction, but the real people in the band have not been something I'd want to know about. They are, after all, very young, and considerably younger than me, and just, ugh, no. Also, their music has not been a point in their favour - I can appreciate that it's technically interesting, and some of the lyrics are intriguing, but I haven't actually enjoyed listening to them that much. As I told [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw before the concert, I'm just in this for the gayporn. And Brendon's coffee-table, which never stops being a source of great hilarity.

But then, a few things happened. I went to see Panic in concert, and found myself inexplicably charmed by them. So tiny and endearing and good-humoured, so enthusiastic about their music! Suddenly, it became important for me that they know how great the concert was, how wonderful the new songs. And then the thing about Brendon possibly coming out at the Manchester gig, and then the album leak and and and.

And now I can't stop listening to Pretty. Odd. I make doot-doot-doot noises whilst making coffee. I'm concerned about whether Brendon Urie has a safe space in which to come out should he so wish! I worry about whether he gets enough cuddles from his bandmates! Ryan Ross has changed from That Slightly Shifty-Looking Bloke Who Would Probably Sneer At Me to a Brave Boy With Endlessly Entertaining Wardrobe Choices. And Spencer Smith, well. I might possibly acknowledge that he looks rather attractive when he bangs his drum. Not that I'd want to do anything about it, since he is so very young, but. I have also began to pander the new album to my friends, and have been known to babble about How Panic Discovered The Beatles And Cannabis, but how it's actually much better than that, and they all sing and that's just very exciting and apparently Ryan Ross can carry a tune, who knew? Mad As Rabbits makes me sing along and twirl in my chair and make ridiculous rock poses and I love it.

As I was telling [livejournal.com profile] captain_stem yesterday, it's not that I ever had shame (I have never had shame), but now I have embarrassment.

So, cuddles? *g*
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Hello all,

Am feeling less depressed and crippled today. I had to call in sick yesterday because my arthritis kept me awake until five in the morning, which meant that when my alarm rang at seven I was somewhat unwell, and not ready to get up and go to work.

So I slept till two, and even though I wasn't able to leave the house, I managed to eat something (pitta bread with salad and feta) and not cripple myself further with excessive use of the keyboard (not that there wasn't excessive use of the keyboard).

However, some things happened that made me considerably less depressed.

1. I was forced (with gunpoint! against my will!) to renew my paid account at livejournal for two months. At various times during my paid account I had posted pictures of myself, you see, but without access to Scrapbook I couldn't delete them now, and I rather dislike the idea that there are pictures of me in the internet that I can't get rid of. So I signed up again, deleted them and found myself in possession of 110 icon slots. Which are now mostly filled with pictures of Frank Iero making silly faces and being pretty.

I know that Liverjournal is evil and all, and I don't think I should be giving them money, but. Frank Iero making silly faces and being pretty makes me immensely happy. *makes confused! Gerard face*

2. The rest of the day was spent looking through Etsy (thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] jjtaylor, for alerting me to this wonderful site) and pining for things like hoodies with owls (I'm a Hoot!). I ended up buying a purple t-shirt with a peacock on it and the text "Proud" for [livejournal.com profile] pre_raphaelite1 because she is lovely and deserves presents. The joy of buying presents for others is a great thing - no guilt over spending money on frivolous things for oneself, only the pleasure of shopping! I warmly recommend this form of retail therapy.

3. The video of Teenagers on my tv. Gerard Way makes my soul happy. :D

4. Andandand! There was porn! For meeeeeeee!

Pictures of Me and You by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon

Frank/Gerard, PG-13, 2300 words. In which Frank is tired, and Gerard is subtle like an anvil.

Go read, it is lovely.

Now, coffee. :)
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A friend has asked me about what bandom boys tend to wear apart from skinny jeans and eyeliner, and I was forced to admit that in picspams, I'm uninclined to pay attention to bodyparts that are clothed, so um, help?

I know the My Chem boys wear less skinny jeans than most of bandom (tight jeans yes, esp. Gerard and Ray), but I'm finding it hard to describe their clothing habits otherwise. And make-up? What about Fall Out Boy, apart from Pete - t-shirts and hoodies, not make up? Panic (!) at the Disco?

Please help! Both pictures and illustrative porn are particularly welcome!
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Today's Guardian has an article on Gerard Way and The Umbrella Academy, which you can find here.

It's surprisingly positive, which, okay, could be just because I have low expectations of how people who write for the Guardian feel about MCR (no reviews of their UK shows! What's with that, people?). But the person seems to appreciate that Gerard Way is saving lives with his music, and talks about it without mockery, in fact, talks like a fan.

So I am very pleased that I actually got out of bed early enough to get hold of a copy.*g*


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