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Computer problems again - After my hard drive got redone, I acquired a new iTunes application, which I've been filling up for the past few weeks. However, just now as I was opening it, it reported damage and said that the library had been saved as 'iTunes library damaged 2' or something. I was able to find all my music and such, but none of the playlists, and I don't mean just my own playlists, but things like "recently added" and "25 most played" and so forth. Does anyone have any idea on what the problem might be and what I could do about it? All help much appreciated.
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I can haz a laptop! *cuddles it ferociously* It has a new hard disk and they were able to recover most of my files (All, in fact, except for all the files on my thesis. Let me tell you how happy I am that this didn't happen three weeks ago.).

So, what have I missed? Did the internet explode? Did fandom get wanked? Has Pete Wentz/Ryan Ross/Gerard Way done something exciting and outrageous? Is there porn? Please lead me to the porn, people. I have been deprived.
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i. My hard drive is fucked, but the nice people at the Mac centre tell me that it's easy to fix and falls under my warranty, so hopefully, I shall soon hold My Precious un my arms again(Yes, that is the name of my laptop, like you don't think of yours on similar terms).

ii. Fall Out Boy is playing UK tours, apparently - are they worth seeing live? I tend to cringe any time Pete opens his mouth (it's the I'm So Bad At Acting I Can't Play Myself -thing), but on the other hand, Patrick. *ponders* I'm thinking the London gig, possibly.

iii. I have realised that without my laptop, there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning. *sadpouts*
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In the past month, my computer (Macbook 2007) has been making sharp buzzing noises. Today, it's been beeping, sort of chimes with a click in the end. I find this most distressing. I've been looking up the apple website but it's not been very useful, so I figured I'd ask you lot - has anyone else had similar problems? Know someone who has? Do you know of a good troubleshooting website?

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My iTunes tells me it has been damaged (the library has been damaged?) and now there is no music in it. I have all my music as files, and if I click on them they start playing and add themselves to iTunes, but I don't really want to have to do that to every single song. Also, I have no idea how this happened.

Help, please?
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More silly questions.

How do I burn a cd? My previous laptops have been too old and decrepit to handle such exciting things, but the nice young gentleman at the shop assured me that my new one would burn not only cds, but also dvds.

But how does one go about doing that? I was hoping the macbook would come with much more instructions...

ETA: It just imported a cd in about two minutes. I am...I am unaccustomed to such speed. *loves new laptop*
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I can has a new laptop!

I also have more stupid questions. :)

Is there a way to move applications and such from my old laptop to a new one? Can this be done through an external hard drive? What about all my music in my old iTunes - do I need to import the cds again or is there another way ?

My new laptop is lovely but very small, and I keep squinting at the Safari text. I wonder if there's a way to make it bigger. *ponders*
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This is probably a really stupid question, but does the MacBook come with a version of Microsoft Word, or do I need to buy a thingy? Cause all my computers have been second-hand and have come already equipped with this, and I'm confused by the Apple website.

Also, the guy at the shop is very keen to sell me a three-year warranty for £ 150, which I appreciate is probably not necessary, but might be worth it for my peace of mind. Also, I really wouldn't be able to afford to fix it if something went wrong. How likely is this?
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I was going to remain in hiding for a few more days, and only come back once I have completed my essay on the history of pornography and why we are all part of a Glorious Tradition that has, ever since its inception, been beset with threats of banning both texts and images and surrounded by anxiety over readership (since women and children should not be exposed to such things - it is the reserve of gentlemen), but in the mean time I find myself in need of your help.

My beloved laptop is in the process of dying, and I need to acquire a new one. This is the one I'm thinking about. Does anyone have experience of it, or of others of its kind? Any advice would be much appreciated.



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