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i. I met [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw today and she was utterly lovely. We had a most delightful chat about stroking Rodney McKay's belly and RayK's freakishness and how, precisely, Panic at the Disco lends itself to group slut fic. And how we are expecting the next installment of Supersaturation with avid glee. Also, FRANK!

ii. There's squeeing all over my flist about Frank Iero marrying his long-term girlfriend, and I kind of want to make a post about how tragic it is to have another good woman fall into the clutches of patriarchy by participating in the inherently sexist institution of marriage, but then I start thinking about Frank Iero as a tool of patriarchy and. Well.

Frank Iero ≈ tool of patriarchy = instant giggles.

So I guess I'll say good for them instead. *g* And what is particularly wonderful about this is seeing how quickly our fandom smacks down anyone who dares to say anything disparaging about Jamia Nestor. There are ugly stereotypes about how female fans of hot male stars are expected to behave in such situations, and I'm glad to see them overturned. :)

iii. Who's excited about seeing Panic this week? Who's enjoying the new songs? Who wants to make out with Brendon Urie behind the stage? Tell me all your secret Panic-related/induced/inspired thoughts!

iv. Ryan Ross is funny-looking. No wait, that's not news. *g*
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i. Have made a small flist-cut. It's not because I hate you. We've just grown apart as people, etc.

ii. I have acquired a Dead!-hoodie, which, despite being a size small, is big enough for me to curl into a ball and fit inside it. Hmm. *is very small* At least I managed to scandalise the aspirational middle class patrons at Brown's, who clearly felt that people with Dead!-hoodies should not be frequenting such establishments or enjoying their afternoon tea there. Oh the joys of transgression. ;)

iii. Re: SGA S4 - now that both John Sheppard and Rodney McKay have been established as gay, do you think that we can expect a kiss at some point? Thoughts? Illustrative porn?

iv. A question for the ages: Why is Ryan Ross so funny-looking? He has a perfectly good face, with cheekbones and a mouth and everything that should be attractive, and yet he just looks weird and awkward. Can anyone shed light on this mystery?

Or maybe it's just that he looks a lot like my 14-year-old sister, which is not a suitable look for any young man. *g*
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Exciting things in my life! Sadly, I'm not even being ironic. *g*

i. I have finally acquired t-shirts with witty lines on them. However, due to the incompetence the misspelling of the nice people at the t-shirt print shop, I now have a shirt that says "MILDY ALARMED AT THE DISCO". Somehow, that just doesn't have the same panache in criticising the loss of !. I'm not sure I want to wear that to the Panic concert now - I wouldn't want Ryan Ross to think I can't spell, ohmygod.

On the other hand, I also have a t-shirt that says HETERONORMATIVITY MAKES US ALL QUEER, which brings me great joy. Especially as I had to tell the guy at the shop that yes, it is a proper word, and pronounce it for him, after which he said "that's brilliant". So yay.

ii. Apparently 304 people have friended my journal. I find this both overwhelming and delightful, but mostly just puzzled because why are you all here? You know I don't really write that much fic anymore? Or, you know, do much more than whine about my thesis or make cooing noises at Gerard Way. Still, nice to have you all! Hope I'm not boring you too much. ;)

iii. On the tattoo front (and what does it say about me that this is what I spend most of my time thinking about these days - too many pictures of Frank Iero and Pete Wentz undressed have turned my head it seems)Read more... )

iv. Incidentally, does anyone know whether I can get a Special Edition of The Black Parade in the UK? Amazon only offers it from private sellers in the US. *pouts*
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So. I have two fics unfinished and lolling about on my desktop at the moment. One is Jack/Ianto dirty handjob angst for [livejournal.com profile] rivier and the other one is a shameful and embarrassing attempt at bandslash crackfic and/or Frank/Gerard. Yes, I said I wouldn't, which is why I'm shameful and embarrassed.

Which one should I try to finish? Need to make use of my polling ability while I still have paid user status. :)

[Poll #1100000]
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It appears my usual radio station has not been up to snuff. Now, I appreciate that BBC2 has the reputation for the being the station for little old ladies and middle-aged accountants, but they also play U2 and REM and The Divine Comedy, they even play Franz Ferdinand and Muse and the Kaiser Chiefs, and up to now I've had no reason to be dissatisfied with their musical selection (dissatisfied and highly annoyed by Terry Wogan, that's another thing).

The thing is, though, that up to my immersion in bandom a few months I had never heard of My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. None of their songs were familiar when I did hear them. Clearly I am missing out on something.

So, can anyone recommend a better radio station in the UK? I'm tentatively listening to BBC1, but they also play a lot of technodance/r'n'b which I really don't like. So, any advice would be much appreciated. :)

Here's an amusing anecdote to illustrate my current musical ignorance:

Having never heard of MCR or FOB, I was also completely ignorant of Rihanna and her song "Umbrella". So when I was linked to a youtube video with Gerard Way singing a clip of that particular song, and wasn't familiar with the lyrics, what I heard was: "You can stay under my younger brother."

And thought, hmm, okay, I know he has a younger brother, and they like to show affection on stage, and I didn't realise there was also pimping involved, but really, that explains so much.

Yes, feel free to laugh at me. *g*
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So I went to see My Chemical Romance last night. :D

Read more... )
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Query: In the morning after the night before (which, sadly, doesn't indicate athletic sex with random strangers but rather cheap red wine from the co-op and far too many pictures of Gerard Way strutting his stuff on stage), should I be embarrassed by the fact that I seem to have written "Gerard Way saves lives!" on my arm with permanent marker. No doubt to celebrate the fact that My Chemical Romance are in the UK now (yay!) and that I'll be seeing them tomorrow (yayyay!) and that Gerard Way is very hot (yayyayyay!). And also, because that line never stops being both funny and unironically appropriate.

The thing is, I'm working at the reception of a conference at my uni today. What are the chances of any delegates knowing who Gerard Way is? *g*

Yes, I am a special kind of academic. :D
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1. I have acquired (with money, even) the Panic! at the Disco album. They sound a lot like Fall Out Boy, in the first listen at least. Also, I maintain that Spencer Smith looks like my mother. Poor boy.

2. Is anybody planning to watch MTV European Video Awards? Cause My Chemical Romance are both performing and nominated for three awards. Not that I've been voting at the site everyday just on the off chance that they might win and I might get to see their acceptance speech. That would be silly. Just as silly as buying an actual MCR calendar for next year. With beautiful sepia pictures. Who would do such a thing? *g*

3. Is the new Supernatural good? I've downloaded some of the episodes, but haven't got around to watching them. I assume Dean Winchester continues to be hot like pie?

4. My Yuletide assignment is...intriguing. I have as of yet no idea how to go about writing it, but I'm sure something will come to me. Which brings me to:

Dear Yuletide writer,

I hope you are finding my prompts inspirational, but if they turn out to be more hindrance than help, then feel free to ignore them. What I am most interested in reading is characterisation - porn that illustrates character would be great, but sex scenes aren't necessary, if you find they don't fit the story - but whatever kind of plot you need to create in order to write that is fine. I prefer slash, but I'm also happy to read gen or het (obviously, this only in the fandom where I listed female characters). Really, whatever you think makes the best kind of story.

Now, for more particular things: Read more... )
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I am pretty much sitting on my hands to keep myself from buying a concert ticket to see My Chemical Romance in November. *fidgets uncomfortably*

Because, you see, the thing is - the two shows that I might conceivably go to are in faraway places, that is, London and Newcastle, which means I'd have to pay for trains and hotels as well as the ticket, and food and wine and stuff, and it would be a lot of money which I don't have.

I keep trying to remind myself that the show would probably be full of teenagers anyway, and I'd be filled with impotent rage towards Other People, and not be able to see anything, and...

Then again, I've got it bad. Bad. And by bad I mean that I have an old copy of Kerrang and I'm considering bluetacking pictures of MCR and FOB on my walls. That bad.

Yeah. *sits on hands*


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