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Dear Fandom,

why are we still watching Merlin? WHY?
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Spoilery spoilers below!

Merlin, 'The Darkest Hour'. 4.01 Read more... )

Doctor Who, 'The Wedding of River Song', 6.13. Read more... )
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I have acquired internet at home. Drinks all around!

I have also acquired one part-time job. It earns half of what I would need to survive, but it's teaching so I get to have academic affiliation and access to a library, which is...wonderful.

I might have to celebrate with some Merlin porn. Any ideas after the last episode? Pornish thoughts? Inappropriate uses of dollophead? ;)
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I seem to have developed a plotbunny for Merlinfic. This is based on my wanting to shake that boy and tell him to stop being an idiot, and then thinking oh wait, I could make somebody do that. And it would be really satisfying.

I suspect it is also based on the fact that I still have my yuletide fic to plot, write, and edit, as well as an article to finish. But mostly because I am annoyed at boys being stupid.
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I have been a-thinking, and I bring you an important question.

[Poll #1494097]
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I have drank two small glasses of Pinot Grigio and finished the bottle. Should I open a new one?

In other news, I watch BBC Wales' The Real Merlin and Arthur. Bradley James is sort of sickeningly beautiful, isn't he? There are pictures of him cut for spoilers )

Merlin 2.03

Oct. 3rd, 2009 07:32 pm
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Is it just me, or were Merlin's ears particularly adorable today? cut for spoilers )
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It seems I have signed up for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang. Oops.

This means that Brendon the Disgraced Governess shall be finished one day! Because I know it will be over 20000 words in any case, and that I had vaguely planned to finish it by March (which gives me a bit more time and is way more likely to happen, therefore), and because I have never defaulted on a fannish deadline in my life. Which means it shall happen. *waves pompoms feebly*

In other news, the second chapter of Brendolina is almost finished (I know, I know, I promised it in May, I acknowledge my shame) and will be posted by the end of this month. After which there is [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines, for which I signed up for 14 days. I thought this would be a good way for me to get rid of all my wips - there's a dub con SGA fic that I've been writing ever since I got into that fandom in summer 2006, and a post-DH Draco/Neville fic that I started writing at Sectus in 2007. Good plan, but now I have 15 days to finish a whole lot of fic as well as do teaching preparation and write an article. Yeah.

So, in order to complete this fannish extravaganza, I need to write something in Torchwood and Merlin. For this endeavour I would ask your help, since my only plot bunny for Merlin involves faily blackmail sex, and in Torchwood the very thought of Jack makes me teeth grind. So, any ideas? Preposterous crackish notions that you would like to see take place? Wacky scenarios that no one else is crazy enough to take up? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
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I have returned back home from the wilds of Oxfordshire, and am greatly enjoying the fact that it's not nearly as cold up north. Apparently, Oxford was the coldest place in the UK this week, with -12 C during the night. It says something that the highlight of my trip was having warm baths at the Travelodge.

I also met [livejournal.com profile] loneraven, who was lovely and we had a most delightful chat about Merlin and SGA and HP. She also uttered the fatal words, "I don't really understand the point of bandom", which of course lead me to extrapolate at length on the perfection that is Gerard Way, Ryan Ross's camwhoring tendencies, the Pete'n'Patrick show and the general prevalence for sparkly boys frolicking around.

During my travels I also discovered that I have become, somehow, an expert on sodomy throughout the ages and that this is a topic I can discuss in great detail - from Brokeback Mountain and the controversy over cutting certain scenes in Italy, to Byronic parodies extolling the virtues of heterosexual anal sex and the representations of sodomy in eighteenth-century pornography. There's a wealth of information that I did't even realise I had, but apparently this is the sort of thing I pay attention to in my reading. Perhaps I should put it on my card - Dr Wildestranger, a sodomist.

On the endless train journey back home I was able to write some more Brendolina - a fight over cheese between Gerard and Augustus - and would like to reassure those of you waiting for the next installment, that it is being written, even if slowly, and is currently a little over half done. There's the hamster fic that I posted a while ago to tide you over, in case you missed it.

I have also come home to discover even more insects in my kitchen and in my bookshelves. This is a topic too depressing to contemplate, but let me voice a brief ARGH of hate towards all insects. And my landlord, who likes to ignore me.

I skimmed through my flist last night but I'm sure there's stuff I missed, so please let me know if you posted something you'd like me to pay attention to - fic, meta, pictures of bunnies.. Apparently there was wank over Merlin? It doesn't look like something I'd want to engage with that deeply - I find that when people are wrong in the internets it's best to let them be wrong and smile smugly from a cordial distance. Although for those people complaining about Merlin being anachronistic - did you not notice the giant dragon under the castle? That didn't clue you in that perhaps they are not trying to be historically accurate? That for me would be the most glaring anachronism, never mind the poor tomatoes.
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The best present, of course, is gay porn. Fortunately, we have Yuletide for that. :)

I was particularly lucky this year, as I have received not only a gorgeous fic about Mary Renault's The Charioteer, After The Discharge, but also two Merlin treats, Turn The Tables and Mistletoe. Thank you so much for all of these!

Of course, Yuletide is full of gifts for everyone and I have been gorging myself on stories about everything and anything all day. I am slightly disappointed, though, to see so few Temeraire fics, especially since there were so many requests for Laurence/Granby/Tharkay threesomes in the treats list yesterday. Clearly the world needs more threesome porn. :(
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I am confused by My Chem's twitter extravaganza. How do you get to read the actual posts and not just titles? I need to know what Gerard's latest updeet says.

It's sort of embarrassing that even though I am a) younger and b) an internet pervert, Gerard Way is more savvy about the ways of the Twitter.

In other news, my arthritis is bad and I want to cut off my right hand. I'm not going to, of course, but it's a very pleasurable thought.

[Poll #1304203]

Also, in case you hadn't noticed. I have wine. :D


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