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It is impossible to be entirely miserable while singing My Chemical Romance. Although learning the words first would probably help even more.
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i. I am writing Inception fic where the team tries to discover the secret of the Sachertorte. Yes, my brain likes to reduce serious mindcrime and exciting espionage shenanigans to a quest for more chocolate. That's just how I roll.

ii. In other Tom Hardy (&hearts Tom Hardy&hearts) news, I am currently downloading Colditz in order to acquire more of his deliciousness. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I actually get flustered just by thinking about him. He is making me ridiculous, and I don't even mind. :D :D :D

iii. Speaking of boys who make me ridiculous, GERARD. Apparently he's drinking again? I'm quietly devastated by this, but then again whatevs, it's his liver.

iv. I'm enjoying the new album, although not as much as I'd hoped. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na lol) has become one of my favourite songs in a very short time, but the rest of it is more amusing than OMG New And Beautiful Noises Never Heard Before. I do like the sneaky and suggestive voice he does in Planetary (GO!), and the beginning of Vampire Money makes me crack up every time. Oh Gerard, how so ridiculous.

v. I signed up for Yuletide to write in fandoms I've never done before, and six of them at that. I'm not quite sure what came over me. I blame Andrew Lloyd Webber - I was trying to find Jesus Christ Superstar, but they didn't have it, so I ended up signing up for other kinds of Bible slash instead. Mostly I just want to write about Judas Iscariot and his passionate and ansgt-filled relationship with Jesus. What, you know they were so doing it. How else explain the bitterness?

vi. Does anyone have recommendations on cold luncheon type meals? I'm needing to eat more solidly during the day because I start feeling faint so easily, but I've run through all my existing recipes already. I'm particularly thinking of more Bulgur Wheat related things that are not tabbouleh (I love tabbouleh but have made it too often recently). Any suggestions?
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This has been a pretty awful week. I've been down with a vicious cold since Monday, and have tried to write a five-part job application to a US university in between napping and coughing and drinking tea. If I say that even the thought of wine does not make me want to have any, that will tell you how sick I've been.

All of which is why it has taken me so long to write this post, but LAST SATURDAY I WENT TO LONDON TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.


Ahem.Read more... )
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I'm off to see My Chemical Romance in London, on the first night of their World Contamination Tour. (Yes, that is its name. It's how they roll.) There will be fangirls, and wine, and bright-colours-because-Gerard-told-us-to!, and of course, Gerard.

Yes, you should be jealous. But I shall be posting details after my trip, so that you may live vicariously through me.
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I watched Rocknrolla the other day, and had some thoughts. Mostly that Tom Hardy is beautiful and delightful and nngh, but also cut for spoilers )

In other news, what are you wearing to the My Chem show? :D :D :D :D

I'm thinking black PVC trousers because a)I have them, and haven't worn them in ages, b)they would be really warm, what with all the walking and waiting that I expect will happen, and c) they would be shiny, and shiny is a thing Gerard likes.

Naturally, I would have to add some colour as well, so I'm thinking bright green sleeveless top with a green bowtie (&hearts [profile] fleshdress &hearts). How about you?
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(...na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na...)*

I'm stupid in love with the new My Chem song. I'm ridiculously excited for the new album (it's embarrassing to have written any other album this year, really?!! :D) and I love the fact that they've decided to play dorky superheroes and write songs about that. There is still that manic energy for dealing with depression/corporate culture/evil Grant Morrison (Gerard Way, what are you like?), energy for resistance and the resulting hope and everything, and why this is a band that saves lives. I'm going to see them in a month (first show of the tour!!!!!) and every time I remember that I start grinning madly. I've scared a few bystanders that way, but who cares when there is Gerard. GERARD. Seriously people, we have Gerard. All is good in the world.

(...I don't need it but I'll take what I want from your heart and I'll keep it in a bag in a box with an X on the floor...)

Another thing which inspires grinning is Eames. I haven't even seen Inception yet, but that one line from the trailer ("you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling") is enough to make me flutter and smile in an embarrassingly smitten way. Tom Hardy is not what I'd usually ping for, but after all the fic I've read (and all the photos and vids and interviews, what is this boy?) I'm finding it hard to remember I could ever ping for anything else. Also, this fandom? I've been reading non-stop for about a week now and haven't still run out of the good stuff. And the film's only been out for a couple of months. I don't what you're all on but I like it. (...darling) Nnggh.

(...we're on your property, standing in V-formation...)

I started work this week and it went well. I shan't share too many details as I must be careful of my public name and academic reputation, but I can say that this year I'm teaching something quite new, and it's exciting as well as nerve-wracking to be doing it. The students have been good so far, and I don't hate them yet, which is always a good sign. *g* My work hours are arranged so that even with a two-hour commute, I don't have to get up too early.

(...oh let me tell bout a sad man shut up an let me see your jazz hands...)

I haven't been going swimming as often these past few weeks because the place is infested with students, but once the term starts properly I'm hoping they will spend more time drinking and less time being in my way. Yet it is still something that makes me ridiculously happy, and the fact that this is a physical activity, a way of using my body (instead of just sitting still and waiting for the pain to go away which is my usual approach) feels kind of miraculous. I'd forgotten how much I loved it, and I'm so glad I've had a chance to rediscover it. It's what keeps everything else bearable right now.

(...I think we'd rather be burning your information...)

I'm debating whether to colour my hair for the My Chem show. On the one hand, I'm rather fond of my natural hair colour, having hated it passionately all through my teens and first two degrees, and it has been a point of pride that I've been able to learn to love it in the end. Possibly with some help from David Thewlis as Remus Lupin, what. But Gerard has asked to our colours, and I'm kind of easy for him. Or you know, if you've ever seen them in concert, keen to do what ever he tells me to because he goes all toppy suddenly and before you know it you're clapping harder? Or possibly that's just me. Anyway, hair. I'm kind of tempted by turquoise, but I know it'll end up being some shade of purple or red. But we'll see. Thoughts?

(...no one wants to die wanna try wanna try wanna try wanna try...)

I'm having lots of thoughts at the moment about my profession, work-life balance, sociability and various other things which do not need exploring at this juncture. I will probably start talking about them at some point, though, because this is my journal, and what else are you lot for if not listening to me blather about stuff? I'm aware that I've been mostly quiet for a long time, largely due to guilt about using my writing-related-spoons for academic and employment purposes only, but I'm thinking I want that to change. I'm learning to write again (I still have help_haiti fics on the way, which I promise are getting done) and to think about what it takes to produce a compelling narrative again. Hopefully something will come of that soon, probably in the form of Neville/Draco or Remus/Sirius.

(...dress like a sleeper cell I'd rather go to hell than be in purgatory cut my head gag and bore me pull this pin let this world explode...)

*This is what my brain has been like for the past week. I expect some of you also have this earworm. And not mind it at all. :)
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Hey, what's this about Brian Schechter not managing My Chem anymore?
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My Chemical Romance's Desolation Row single is available legally now! *pokes flist* Come on, people, go buy it - it's only £ 0.79 and I want to see this song at the top of every single list next week! We can all agree that Gerard choosing to share his bondage fantasy porn with us is a priceless thing, but this is very little money to support our band. OUR BAND. Who have their first single out in a long time.

I am possibly a bit too excited about this, but Gerard.
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This morning I spent 40 min waiting for a bus that didn't show up. Then I had to email my boss to say that I can't come to work. This has not been a good day.

On the other hand, I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo on my back. Along the spine orjust next to it. It would go.

if you

What do you think? For those of you not in bandom, that is the first line of My Chemical Romance's 'I'm Not Okay'. Yes, I do love Gerard Way that much. *g*

[Poll #1344034]
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Dear Bandom,

I am laughing at you all. Yes, all of you. *chuckles*

Also, counting down until you start shipping Bronx Mowgli Wentz and Helena Sparklepoo Ballato-Way.

with love but mainly amusement,

P.S. Not to rain on your parade (much *g*) but would it be a good idea to wait until Gerard and/or Lyn-Z actually makes an announcement?

ETA: And the prize goes to [personal profile] vic_ramsey!
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Russia To Criminalize Emo?

Seriously? Clearly My Chemical Romance is the most dangerous band in the world.
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I aten't dead yet!

I have, however, spent most of the past four days sleeping. Considering that the two weeks previous to my handing in, I slept about four hours a night and not at all on the last night, this is not unreasonable. It is still annoying, though, to have all this new-found freedom and want to do nothing but nap.

Anyway, I am mostly rested now. Some of you (yes, [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane, I mean you) will be pleased to know that I have began plotting more of Brendolina. It will be a few weeks before anything is posted, but things are afoot, at least.

I have also acquired a new tattoo. It's a green dragon and it's on my belly and I love it a lot, even though it is red and achy at the moment. There will be pictures at some point, or, as soon as I can find someone to take pictures of me without my clothes on. Not as easy as you might think. It took about 40 min to do and after the first few minutes, didn't really hurt - I was surprised to discover that it hurt less than my other two. *is totally hardcore*

I have many posts planned, including but not limited to: Tattoos and the Female Body, My Thoughts on Ryan Ross (and okay, my thoughts on Ryan Ross are mostly "ahahahahaaa", but there is other stuff as well), Review of Franz Ferdinand Concert (Or, a Blazon to the Beauty of Alex Kapranos), Review of The Black Parade Is Dead! (which is mainly me grinning besottedly at the screen and making the occasional cooing noise), but for now, I would like to ask for fic prompts. I'm aware that most of you, if not all of you, are here because of porn, and I'm also aware that I have been a most disappointing pornographer for the past year. So leave a prompt and I'll see if I can make it up to you. Any fandom! HP, SGA, Torchwood, bandom - I'll even try to write Americans if that's your pleasure.

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I was wondering, as you do, about People Outside Fandom (whom I know exist, but try to avoid), and their perception of fannish devotion. Or actually, I noticed my old Gary Oldman poster of "Have you seen this wizard?", and started thinking about whether, for people outside fannish circles, that would be more embarrassing than the poster of Gerard Way which I currently have on my wall. Note that I personally have no shame about either of them.

But considering that Harry Potter is a children's book, and that My Chem is seen as an emo band for silly teenage girls, which would be more embarrassing to find on the wall of a 29-year-old woman? How would our culture read the fact that I've had such posters - what would it say about me to those who are outside the fannish subculture?

Yes, I'm trying to avoid doing my thesis, how did you guess? ;)

[Poll #1206019]
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This band is the bestest band in the world ever. My gleeface, it cannot be textually rendered.

...why, yes, I'm in the cult. *g*
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i. I've plotted the whole first chapter of the Regency AU (hmm, must come up with a name - a shame Adventures in High Life is already taken *g*), and hope to finish a first draft by next week. Why does my brain refuse to come up with shorter fics? I expect the first chapter to be around 5000 words and there could easily be ten more chapters. Argh. I don't have the time (or the hands) to write 50000 words of porn.

Also, I'm starting to find some interesting difficulties in terms of historical accuracy. The thing is, I know this period extremely well (I'm not a historian but I am a scholar of literary history, and this era happens to be my specialty), I'm aware of things like how people would have addressed each other, what would have been appropriate and inappropriate familiarity and such. Sir Peter Wentz might think of Mr Stump as his dear sweet Patrick, but it would be impossible that he would ever call him so, no matter how eccentric his reputation. Mr Ross and Mr Smith might, as foster brothers, address each other by first name, but they could not allow their friend Mr Urie to do so. This causes all kinds of problems in terms of romance templates and fanfiction plot devices. Not to mention things like responses to homosexuality in Regency England - one might argue that Oxbridge-educated gentlemen might have learned to appreciate Greek customs and Greek love, but country-bred men such as Brendon, or Dissenters like Patrick? HIghly unlikely. And I cannot be willfully anachronistic with this. Well, not more than is strictly required by the notion of putting bandom people into Regency England in the first place. *g*

ii. In other news, I have purchased the new Muse cd/dvd and unsurprisingly, Matt Bellamy continues to be a rockgod who makes my spine ( and other places) tingle. Please Mr Bellamy, make a new album soon so that I may take even more delight in your sheer existence. And if you wouldn't mind, a Queen cover album with My Chemical Romance would be nice. I know you're mates with them and all, so there's no excuse. Think of all the guitar offs you could have with Ray Toro! And Gerard could teach you all about stagegay!

*takes a moment to contemplate this*

iii. Does anyone know why [livejournal.com profile] bandomsecrets seems to have been deleted?
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I have written 1000 words of thesis today which, on the one hand, is good but, on the other hand, is half of what I was supposed to write. I blame the Regency AU and Spencer Smith's riding crop, and the fact that these things have forced me (Yes, forced! With a poignard to my throat!) to think about how such a Spencer might make Brendon come in his breeches, using only the riding crop and his voice.

It has also been pointed out to me today that I'm a pervert. This is surely not news to anyone.

However, since you lot seem to enjoy my perversity, I figure I might share some thoughts with you. More specifically, some imagined conversations which brought me great amusement.

Random Interviewer: So, how are you today?
Pete Wentz: Patrick exists and all is well in the world!
RI: Have you been enjoying the nice weather, then?
Pete: Patrick makes the sun shine!
RI: How's the new record going?
Pete: Patrickplayseveryinstrumentintheworldandhasthevoiceofanangelheisatotalmusicalgenius!
RI: Um. So, you're dating Ashlee Simpson, how's that going for you?
Pete: It's cool, we're having fun.

Also, I would really love to hear a conversation between Gerard Way and Ryan Ross about clothes. Gerard would be all supportive of Ryan's strange clothing choices, cause you need to express yourself even if it makes you funny-looking! And Ryan would be all, um, you wear the same black jeans until they break. And black shirts. And hoodies. And Gerard would say yes, they express the darkness of my inner soul and shit! Then Pete would join in, and Gerard and Ryan would unite in mocking his fashion sense.

Okay, it was funny when I first thought it.

Here, have a snippet from the Regency AU.

cut for ficcish snippet and Gerard's, well, Gerardness )
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i. I met [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw today and she was utterly lovely. We had a most delightful chat about stroking Rodney McKay's belly and RayK's freakishness and how, precisely, Panic at the Disco lends itself to group slut fic. And how we are expecting the next installment of Supersaturation with avid glee. Also, FRANK!

ii. There's squeeing all over my flist about Frank Iero marrying his long-term girlfriend, and I kind of want to make a post about how tragic it is to have another good woman fall into the clutches of patriarchy by participating in the inherently sexist institution of marriage, but then I start thinking about Frank Iero as a tool of patriarchy and. Well.

Frank Iero ≈ tool of patriarchy = instant giggles.

So I guess I'll say good for them instead. *g* And what is particularly wonderful about this is seeing how quickly our fandom smacks down anyone who dares to say anything disparaging about Jamia Nestor. There are ugly stereotypes about how female fans of hot male stars are expected to behave in such situations, and I'm glad to see them overturned. :)

iii. Who's excited about seeing Panic this week? Who's enjoying the new songs? Who wants to make out with Brendon Urie behind the stage? Tell me all your secret Panic-related/induced/inspired thoughts!

iv. Ryan Ross is funny-looking. No wait, that's not news. *g*
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Thanks to all who responded to me gender and sexuality poll yesterday! I will respond to comments, but it might not be immediately as there are hand-problems, not to mention Growing Old, which is imminent. *does not count the hours left to her youth, not at all*

In the mean time, I have bought two new (green, duh) t-shirts, which are in need of witty slogans and/or MCR lyrics. Possibly both, if such a thing can be managed. I'm thinking of "UNAPOLOGETIC APATHY" for one, but we'll see. Thoughts? What My Chem (or FOB, or Panic, or Cobra) song-lyric do you think would look good on a t-shirt?


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