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In light of Patrick Stump's new EP, video, and rather endearing uses of twitter, I have come to a conclusion.

Patrick Stump; I still would.

How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the form of pictures and/or illustrative porn.
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Livejournal is down, let's have an orgy! Drinks all around!

In fact, let's have a fannish orgy of What Kind Of Porn Would I Most Like To Read Now. Any fandom, any pairing, any kink, any scenario - no shame allowed!

I'll start. I would most like to read Adam Lambert/Patrick Stump, where they make beautiful music together and Adam tries to seduce Patrick, who knows he's being seduced and ends up playing Adam. Jealous and hilarious so Pete is a must. Cameos from Gerard Way, Brendon Urie and Gabe Saporta are strongly encouraged.

...why isn't anybody writing this?
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1. I have my Bandom Big Bang date - 19th June! Which is great in that it gives me a week and a half to finish the bloody thing. Um. Not that the version I sent off wasn't completely finished! *peers around for lurking mods* Also, the music mix for it is brilliant and hilarious and I can't stop listening to it. Not to mention the delicious, delicious art. I just hope that the fic will do justice to them.

2. I've been reading Star Trek fic, and the resulting RPF, and it turns out I have Views on it. Namely this - Chris Pine is a Hollywood actor, which I appreciate is often short for Thicker Than A Shitload Of Bricks. However, a brief glance at this guy's wikipedia page will inform you that he has a degree in English from Berkeley, California, which I understand is a pretty good university. This means that he's probably read a book or two in his life. Possibly even long novels from The Olden Days, that is, before 1900. You might even suppose that he has come across long words such as 'anomaly'. And while there is all kinds of fun shenanigans to be had with the thought of Intellectual!Spock and Instinctual!Kirk, these do not necessarily translate to the actors. Please be doing minimal research before you post, people. You do not want my enraged-by-undergrad-stupidity inner lecturer(and really, these days that part of me is not in hiding so much) to comment on your fics. I have logic and sarcasm on my side, and I'm not afraid to use them.

3. Have finished with marking exams. Can't tell you how happy this makes me. Or how much wine I'm going to have now. And cheese. Mmm, cheese.

4. Baby Bronx is adorable and looks amusingly like Patrick Stump. Chubby with reddish blond hair and soft little cheeks, what's not to love? I can't help it if my mind goes to a happy threesome place. ;)

5. When is your BBB, and what is it? Come and share tantalising tidbits with me!
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I understand that many of you have gone to see Watchmen this weekend. I, on the other hand, went to see Fall Out Boy in the O2 arena in London.

I think we all know who wins.

Exhibit A: Patrick's thighs.
Exhibit B: Patrick's voice.
Exhibit C: Patrick stomping around like a tiny dinosaur, and shaking his REALLY fabulous arse, and doing guitar duels, and singing Lullaby, and doing impressions of Family Guy, and all kinds of Patricky things that made me clutch my hands to my bosom and sigh a lot.

Afterwards, we went back to [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen's house and watched Patrick sing Womanizer in Ellen Degeneres's bathroom while Pete dances in the background. We also read stories about Panic at the Disco stealing a Jonas Brother, and watched Amanda Palmer's videos and Brandon Flowers' codpiece and giggled a lot. Today we went to the Gay Bookshop and Emerald failed to keep from buying books on Greek homosexuality and gayporn (James Lear's The Secret Tunnel), and I failed to keep her from buying more scarves. We decided to blame Ryan Ross.

Also, apparently Gabe Saporta came up with the line detox just to retox.
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1. Gerard.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that Gerard Way makes me happy on a daily basis just by existing. At the moment, however, he is making me particularly happy with this, My Chemical Romance's video for Desolation Row, which one astute commentator described as Gerard's bondage fantasy porno that he decided to share with us.

This is why we love Gerard. He shares such things with us. And his fantasy includes Frank blowing raspberries and writhing on the floor, Ray beating people up with his guitar, Mikey being pushed about by police officers, a naked dudebro who starts a riot because the My Chem tickets are sold out (in [livejournal.com profile] bexless's words), and Gerard strutting about and being incredibly pretty. This video offers an endless of plethora of delights, and you should go see it. That's how Gerard Way will save your life.

2. Disloyal Water Buffaloes.

I haven't really spoken about Fall Out Boy's Folie A Deux, but that's because I have been too overcome with delight rather than because I had nothing to say. This song exemplifies why. Hilarious and pop-culture referencing title, anthemic and joyful rock music, and Patrick Motherfucking Stump. This is what makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. And to belt out Boycott Love! at random people.

3. Ryan Ross/Flowery scarves

It's kind of sad how immensely hilarious I find Ryan Ross's wardrobe choices. Both in potentia and in reality - there's a real danger that Ryan/Entertaining Items of Clothing will surpass all other pairings in Brendolina and take over the plot, but I can't seem to help myself. *is warped in the brain*

4. Original Slavefic.

This is a wip slavefic with original characters - the premise might seem a bit cliched to begin with but it is so much better than that. I am utterly fascinated by the dynamics between the two characters and have spent a lot of time pondering how things might progress. There is interesting world-building and depiction of cultural clashes and a compelling plot, but at the centre of it all is this amazing UST, which is complicated by so many things that I can't actually think of a way that it might be resolved (but I'm having fun trying). I can't remember the last time I read a romance plot where the ending wasn't obvious, and this is what makes the story so enjoyable. Much recommended.

In other news, I posted the second chapter of Brendolina this weekend in case anybody missed it.
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1. Went to office christmas party last night. Came home at 4.30. Will never drink alcohol again, ugh.

2. I managed to write a thousand words of Yuletide fic The Second yesterday. The first part out of three is done, and I might actually end up with a story that I don't passionately hate. Woo.

3. Hamster fic is pretty much done, you may expect it on your flist sometime next week. Probably Monday or Thursday.

4. Chapter two of Brendolina should be done by the New Year.

5. Patrick Stump continues to be a heatwave in my pants.

6. Merlin tonight!
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In news, today.

1. Fall Out Boy's Folie A Deux has leaked. A brief glance around my flist has confirmed that Patrick Stump continues to be a heatwave in all our pants.

2. In an attempt to avoid writing my yuletide fic, I have ended up writing more of the hamster fic (4500 words, almost finished!) and of the second chapter of Brendolina (2700 words, almost half way done). It occurs to me that getting a beta for these two might be a good idea. Not that I couldn't use a beta for the yuletide as well, but the chances of me getting it done in time for much betaing are pretty slim.

3. Eighteenth-century pornography continues to be highly entertaining.

4. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaatrick.
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Hello flist!

I aten't dead yet. I'm sorry I've been quiet again - there's nothing much to report, really, and I haven't had enough energy, time, or brains to write fic in a while. The hamster fic (Yes, I have a hamster fic. Don't judge me, my fandom has Gerard Way and I defy anyone not to gurgle with joy when he speaks about the hamster he's going to buy.) is stalling at 2800 words, but as soon as I figure out what needs to happen next, it'll be posted.

In other news, things that do not bring me joy these days:

- My continued state of unemployment.

- The cold that makes me sniffle all the time. Not as bad as it could be, admittedly, but there's a limit to the amount of tissues I can afford to buy in a week.

- The ache in my stomach, that makes me worry about cancers, bowel diseases and appendicitis, even though it's propably just stress.

- My paralysing dread of academic job applications.

- The fact that my weekly budget has no room for wine. Sadly, this seems to be the worst thing.

Things That Do Bring Me Joy these days.

- Bunnies!

- Patrick Motherfucking Stump, and his voice, his cover of Love Lockdown, and his devotion to his Pete.

- Fall Out Boy concert next week.

- Spencer Smith pedostache of immense ugliness and hilarity.

- BBC's Merlin with it's cuddly bickering boys.

- The Daily Show and Jon Stewart's delightful little giggle .

- Gerard Way's continued existence.

Anyway, how is all of you? Hope you're having a good month, full of autumnal leaves and delightfully curvy pumpkins and apple pie. And porn. We all need the porn.
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So apparently Pete Wentz got married yesterday? As I am philosophically opposed to the institution of heterosexual marriage, I cannot, in good conscience, congratulate him on this occasion, but they seem to be very happy together (and Ashlee Simpson, in particular, seems to be stupidly in love, which is kind of endearing), so whatever, good for them.

I am, however, sad that we didn't get, as [livejournal.com profile] giddygeek predicted, a blog post with a picture of Pete and Patrick in their tuxes and a not-so-cryptic reference to gay marriage in California. That would have been glorious.
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And we have a FRANK!

It's kind of embarrassing how happy this makes me. Not that Patrick isn't lovely, but FRANK but the fact that Frank Iero's hotness is universally recognised and celebrated is rather wonderful. I've noticed a lot of people talking about (in the comments at [livejournal.com profile] weemo_closet) how Patrick should win because he's chubby - that is, that someone who isn't attractive in a normative sort of way should win, which I can appreciate and even agree with to a certain extent.

However, as one who is also tiny and (somewhat) tattooed, I can really appreciate the fact that Frank Iero is considered to be the epitome of sexiness in this fandom. That in this fandom being small and fearless and covered in tattoos, being unconcerned with normative attitudes to beauty (say, red eyeliner or crosses over his eyes or bleached mohican), are things to be admired - this means a lot. :)

Also, FRANK.
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Wow that's a tight race. I gather Pete Wentz has mobilised all his minions and their livejournals in order to guarantee Patrick's victory? *g* While Patrick himself keeps blushing and tugging at his hat and saying "no, stop telling me about this, stop talking, Pete, shut up". And then Pete has to go and poke at his belly and tell him how sexy he is, yes?

Someone should write that. *pokes flist*

And if you still haven't voted, go to! Because FRANK. Look at his little face! How could you vote against such adorableness? ;)
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Who is sexier, Frank Iero or Patrick Stump? Go here and vote.

Not that I wouldn't want to lick Patrick's belly and stroke his sideburns, but FRANK.

The best way to end an argument: "yes, I see your point, but FRANK." - y/n? :P


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