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Apparently Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are getting a divorce. Let the "oh I told you so"s commence.
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Ugh, American Idol fandom, why so creepy? And so full of badfic? I kind of feel like those of us from older RPF fandoms need to sit them down and explain what level of public intimacy is okay and what is not, and what are respectful ways to treat significant others of your pairing. And I say this a someone who thinks that ignoring significant others is one such way, as it makes the scenario more fictional and therefore less infringing on their reality which should be private. And as someone who has a whole other rant about how heterosexual marriage is not omg so much more valid than any other relationship ever.

But seriously. Don't be creepy.

On the other hand, I find it amusing that it is only in RPF outside bandom that I have standards. In bandom, there are no standards, and no shame. Instead of standards we have Pete Wentz and instead of shame, we have Ryan Ross. There can be no shame where there is Ryan Ross. There can only be flowery scarves.
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1. I have my Bandom Big Bang date - 19th June! Which is great in that it gives me a week and a half to finish the bloody thing. Um. Not that the version I sent off wasn't completely finished! *peers around for lurking mods* Also, the music mix for it is brilliant and hilarious and I can't stop listening to it. Not to mention the delicious, delicious art. I just hope that the fic will do justice to them.

2. I've been reading Star Trek fic, and the resulting RPF, and it turns out I have Views on it. Namely this - Chris Pine is a Hollywood actor, which I appreciate is often short for Thicker Than A Shitload Of Bricks. However, a brief glance at this guy's wikipedia page will inform you that he has a degree in English from Berkeley, California, which I understand is a pretty good university. This means that he's probably read a book or two in his life. Possibly even long novels from The Olden Days, that is, before 1900. You might even suppose that he has come across long words such as 'anomaly'. And while there is all kinds of fun shenanigans to be had with the thought of Intellectual!Spock and Instinctual!Kirk, these do not necessarily translate to the actors. Please be doing minimal research before you post, people. You do not want my enraged-by-undergrad-stupidity inner lecturer(and really, these days that part of me is not in hiding so much) to comment on your fics. I have logic and sarcasm on my side, and I'm not afraid to use them.

3. Have finished with marking exams. Can't tell you how happy this makes me. Or how much wine I'm going to have now. And cheese. Mmm, cheese.

4. Baby Bronx is adorable and looks amusingly like Patrick Stump. Chubby with reddish blond hair and soft little cheeks, what's not to love? I can't help it if my mind goes to a happy threesome place. ;)

5. When is your BBB, and what is it? Come and share tantalising tidbits with me!
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I understand that many of you have gone to see Watchmen this weekend. I, on the other hand, went to see Fall Out Boy in the O2 arena in London.

I think we all know who wins.

Exhibit A: Patrick's thighs.
Exhibit B: Patrick's voice.
Exhibit C: Patrick stomping around like a tiny dinosaur, and shaking his REALLY fabulous arse, and doing guitar duels, and singing Lullaby, and doing impressions of Family Guy, and all kinds of Patricky things that made me clutch my hands to my bosom and sigh a lot.

Afterwards, we went back to [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen's house and watched Patrick sing Womanizer in Ellen Degeneres's bathroom while Pete dances in the background. We also read stories about Panic at the Disco stealing a Jonas Brother, and watched Amanda Palmer's videos and Brandon Flowers' codpiece and giggled a lot. Today we went to the Gay Bookshop and Emerald failed to keep from buying books on Greek homosexuality and gayporn (James Lear's The Secret Tunnel), and I failed to keep her from buying more scarves. We decided to blame Ryan Ross.

Also, apparently Gabe Saporta came up with the line detox just to retox.
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My order from Clandestine has arrived and I am now the proud owner of the world's ugliest hoodie. Seriously, if you asked me to describe what a really ugly hoodie would be like, it would be this. White with pink dots and tiny black bartskulls. I don't imagine it's possible for anyone to look good in it. Or Not Tacky. I'm kind of impressed by how ugly this thing is.

However, I am also in possession of a lovely t-shirt with Warholesque pictures of Hemmy and one bartskull. This almost makes up for the truly remarkable ugliness of the hoodie. I'm thinking about taking pictures of myself in these so that you may see for yourself, as soon as I can convince someone to use the camera on me. Possibly while wearing nothing else, so that nothing will distract the viewer from the hoodie. This is a hoodie that cannot be rescued by any amount of cleavage. Not that I have any, but still.

Any news of album leaks yet? Nudge nudge wink wink.

ETA: Did everyone fail to notice that Pretty.Odd. was nominated for the best special edition box set cd/thingy at the Grammy's?
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My friends, I have a cold. My lungs are full of snot and I keep coughing in a disgustingly wet manner, and although I don't feel dizzy and my nose isn't running, I do feel a bit sick.

However, there is a party tonight. A friend's birthday party, for whom i have promised to make An Introduction To The Emo Cult cd (which at the moment consists of four cds, um, I got a little carried away). I kind of want to go to the party.

What should I do?

[Poll #1297905]

P.S. Dear Yuletide writer, there will be a letter soon for you. I'm sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic week!
P.P.S Is there a baby yet? Come on Pete, where's your twitter? This is the time for ugly photos and badly punctuated exhilaration!
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So, do we agree that Pete made a mixtape so that Gerard would have something to listen to on his roadtrip, other than A Clockwork Orange?

*imagines Gerard singing along to I Kissed A Boy*
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I was chatting to [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane last night, and during our conversation (in addition to this), I mentioned how much I like Pete Wentz's q&a sessions, and how I dream of one day asking him which band, in Decaydance, would produce the most entertaining intra-band sextape, if forced to make one by the Sextape Fairy. I decided, however, that I'm not actually going to ask this of him and that in any case, it would be better to ask it of you, since you lot tend to be more creatively pornish. So, a poll.

[Poll #1234421]

Please also comment with possible sextape names, scenarios, and illustrative porn!
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Newly married Ashlee Simpson is changing her name to Ashlee Wentz in honor of her husband, Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz.

"I think that that's something that a woman should do when they're marrying a man," she tells PEOPLE. "It's a tradition that I think is a great tradition."

Seriously? A great tradition? You mean the tradition which declares that a woman who has been her father's property now becomes her husbands' property, that tradition? The one that says a woman's identity should depend on her husband?

I just lost what little respect I had for Ashlee Simpson. And the fact that Pete Wentz seems to think it's a great idea, something that gratifies him, makes me think a lot less of him as well.
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Having looked at my flist this morning, one question arises.

Why is the statement "I am so happy for Pete and Ashlee! I hope those crazy kids with their adorkable faces will make it!" seen as an acceptable level of investment in random strangers who are also celebrities, but "I am disturbed by this marriage and I don't think they can make it" is perceived as an unacceptable level of investment? I don't really fall into either category, but I find myself rather curious about the way these responses are valorised in fandom. Any thoughts?
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So apparently Pete Wentz got married yesterday? As I am philosophically opposed to the institution of heterosexual marriage, I cannot, in good conscience, congratulate him on this occasion, but they seem to be very happy together (and Ashlee Simpson, in particular, seems to be stupidly in love, which is kind of endearing), so whatever, good for them.

I am, however, sad that we didn't get, as [livejournal.com profile] giddygeek predicted, a blog post with a picture of Pete and Patrick in their tuxes and a not-so-cryptic reference to gay marriage in California. That would have been glorious.
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Ahahahahaa. Oh, Pete. Oh, Ryan. Why do I get the feeling Pete Wentz is somewhere out there writing fic about Ryan's frilly blouses and flowery scarves? Don't front, Pete, we all know you ship Panic GSF by getting them drunk and fondly at Angels and Kings.
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I have written 1000 words of thesis today which, on the one hand, is good but, on the other hand, is half of what I was supposed to write. I blame the Regency AU and Spencer Smith's riding crop, and the fact that these things have forced me (Yes, forced! With a poignard to my throat!) to think about how such a Spencer might make Brendon come in his breeches, using only the riding crop and his voice.

It has also been pointed out to me today that I'm a pervert. This is surely not news to anyone.

However, since you lot seem to enjoy my perversity, I figure I might share some thoughts with you. More specifically, some imagined conversations which brought me great amusement.

Random Interviewer: So, how are you today?
Pete Wentz: Patrick exists and all is well in the world!
RI: Have you been enjoying the nice weather, then?
Pete: Patrick makes the sun shine!
RI: How's the new record going?
Pete: Patrickplayseveryinstrumentintheworldandhasthevoiceofanangelheisatotalmusicalgenius!
RI: Um. So, you're dating Ashlee Simpson, how's that going for you?
Pete: It's cool, we're having fun.

Also, I would really love to hear a conversation between Gerard Way and Ryan Ross about clothes. Gerard would be all supportive of Ryan's strange clothing choices, cause you need to express yourself even if it makes you funny-looking! And Ryan would be all, um, you wear the same black jeans until they break. And black shirts. And hoodies. And Gerard would say yes, they express the darkness of my inner soul and shit! Then Pete would join in, and Gerard and Ryan would unite in mocking his fashion sense.

Okay, it was funny when I first thought it.

Here, have a snippet from the Regency AU.

cut for ficcish snippet and Gerard's, well, Gerardness )
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I seem to have accidentally ordered the special edition of Pretty.Odd. By accidentally I mean after watching the Making Of thingy on youtube and needing more. This is all kinds of ridiculous since I have a) already downloaded the album, and b) already bought the album from amazon. This makes my number of copies to three.

I blame Brendon Urie and his apple-bottom.

Not to mention that I am currently writing fic where Gerard is a maudlin Regency poet, Brendon is a blushing debutante being married off for money, and Pete Wentz owns a secret radical printing press (Patrick writes dissenting tracts whilst fending off Pete's advances). There is also a hamster named Augustus.

I fear my brain is warped.
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Wow that's a tight race. I gather Pete Wentz has mobilised all his minions and their livejournals in order to guarantee Patrick's victory? *g* While Patrick himself keeps blushing and tugging at his hat and saying "no, stop telling me about this, stop talking, Pete, shut up". And then Pete has to go and poke at his belly and tell him how sexy he is, yes?

Someone should write that. *pokes flist*

And if you still haven't voted, go to! Because FRANK. Look at his little face! How could you vote against such adorableness? ;)
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A friend has asked me about what bandom boys tend to wear apart from skinny jeans and eyeliner, and I was forced to admit that in picspams, I'm uninclined to pay attention to bodyparts that are clothed, so um, help?

I know the My Chem boys wear less skinny jeans than most of bandom (tight jeans yes, esp. Gerard and Ray), but I'm finding it hard to describe their clothing habits otherwise. And make-up? What about Fall Out Boy, apart from Pete - t-shirts and hoodies, not make up? Panic (!) at the Disco?

Please help! Both pictures and illustrative porn are particularly welcome!


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