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Dear Friend on My List,

Are you a pervert? If so, would your enjoyment of the recent British election and the ensuing coalition be augmented if you imagined that the reason coalition governments are so rare is because in the event of one, both/all party leaders are required to perform mutual sexual acts in front of the Queen in order to demonstrate their commitment to cooperation? In several different combinations so as to ensure a range of possible supportive scenarios?

Or perhaps that's just me.

*basks in the warm glow of having given everybody else the disturbing mental images which are currently haunting my brain*
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Brief thoughts on the election:

Much as I loathe David Cameron and his party (and really, I loathe them a lot), the Conservatives did win the election. And although it would be consistent with the current rules (see why we need electoral reform, see?!!) for Gordon Brown to try and form a minority government, it would be politically (not to mention intellectually and morally) untenable for any party other that the Tories to do so. Keeping that in mind, I would be delighted to see a coalition between the Tories and the Lib Dems. Because I voted for the Lib Dems and I would like to see them have some kind of power, and because I would rather have a Conservative government tempered by the Lib Dems than a Conservative government by themselves.

In other news, I have been watching Supernatural, and I had some thoughts. Spoilers under the cut until 5.21. Read more... )
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Re: Western media coverage of Iran

I'm trying to remember whether people cared as much last year when Robert Mugabe became president of Zimbabwe by killing the supporters of his opponent until Morgan Tsvangirai was forced to withdraw. As I recall, the most that the UK did was ban them from international cricket. But I guess Iran is a lot more interesting to the American government.
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Congratulations on your new president, Americans!

I came home from work at 6, turned on the news to catch the guy say "Congratulations, Mr President", and promptly burst into tears. Um. I'm just really happy for you guys. *raises second glass* Obama makes even me want to go and change the world, and I rarely want to leave the house. I'm thinking you're pretty lucky with this guy. :)
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ARGH. Stupid BBC presenters talking over U2 performing Pride at the inauguration concert. I don't want to hear your interpretation of What This Means for the world for the umpteenth time today, I want to hear my favourite band play their song about Martin Luther King before Barack Obama and his family. And stupid HBO for not streaming it outside the US. Why am I being foiled by everyone? *stomps around*

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There are protests again Propositions 8, 2 and 102 across the US, and across the world on Saturday 15th November. These includes protests in London and in Edinburgh - I'd go if I lived closed or could afford the train fare. Please go if you can.

Find details here.
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So apparently I've become addicted to reading about American politics. Suddenly I'm terribly curious about how the system of government works over there, what policies are being used and can be used to help various issues - I am honestly interested in how Obama is going to reconfigure the car industry, and I can't even drive. Yeah, I don't know either.

Obviously, as a first step, I've ordered the first season of The West Wing from Amazon (£ 12.99!).

However, I was also wondering if any of you could recommend political blogs for me. I'm reading the Daily Kos and Fivethirtyeight at the moment, but I'd be interested in reading more, particularly more feminist blogs and such. Actually, if anyone knows of good feminist blogs (apparently there's a feminist blogosphere? Must really step down from the ivory tower one of these days) that aren't explicitly political, I'd be keen to hear about those as well.

It's a strange feeling, looking at the change in America and all those people, ordinary people who are not politicians, who have made a difference in various campaigns, and thinking, huh, I kind of want to go and change the world too. And then look at Nick Clegg and think ugh. And then remember that I can't actually pay my rent at the moment, let alone pay bills and council tax and food, so why don't we worry about that once I have employment, and money and time to give.

At least I can keep myself informed for now, so any recs from you would be most welcome!
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Success! I have finally become able to turn on the news or go online without bursting into tears at the sight of hugging Chicagoans/crying Jesse Jackson/random people dancing on the streets. This is possibly because the BBC has stopped showing that all the time, but still. Although, after choking back tears for four hours whilst at work on Wednesday morning, in full view of undergraduates, you might say it's too late to acquire any kind of dignity. Not that I've ever had shame in any case.

You know, I used to be a heartless bitch who didn't like a) people or b) America. I guess that's all over now. Oh well. *g*

In other news, although I have not signed up for Nanowrimo, I have attempted to practice a sort of informal writing-lots-of-stuff month. I'm trying to do 500 words per day, which shouldn't be that hard, except my arthritis is flaring up and well, I don't have much handpower to spare. Not with essay marking and job applications and desperate attempts to write articles. Nevertheless, I have written 1000 words of Brendolina, and a few hundred words of the Disgraced Governess, and have further plans for both. I'm hoping to post the next chapter of Brendolina by the end of this month, and the Governess fic (which looks to be about 20000 words) by Christmas, but it will depend on my hands.

So, anybody seen any Barack/Rahm fic yet? If not, why not? Come on people, this is our way!
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Dear America,

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. *hugs you all*

And thank you. On behalf of the rest of the world, thank you so much.

Here, have some music.

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Pride (the MLK version)

Why yes, I do have Views on what songs Fall Out Boy should cover at the inauguration.

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The BBC arguing over whether they can call the election is hilarious. In case you're curious, they're saying 200 for Obama, 124 for McCain at the moment.

Simon Schama being petulant over why won't the call it for Obama yet is adorable. *pets him*
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Free vibrators in New York and Seattle if you vote! Get them while they're hot!
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What are you drinking to get you through the night? I myself am enjoying an Argentinian malbec. Mmm, tasty.
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To all my friends in the US, good luck with your voting! [livejournal.com profile] heidi8 and [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon offer some advice here and here on what to do if you have problems, things to take with you and so forth, and they are worth checking out. There's also the [livejournal.com profile] novemberfourth project which looks like fun, and I anticipate posting many pictures of my frantic page-refreshing and wine-drinking throughout the night.

I kind of want to stay up all night drinking and watching the results, but I need to work tomorrow at 9 and also, it's unlikely that there will be any final results before I'd need to get up anyway, so. We'll see. I don't generally let good sense get in the way of excitement.

Have a good day, everyone, and take care of yourselves!
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1. My washing machine has been fixed after a week and a half of not working and just. I am so incredibly happy about this. Clean clothes! I can change my sheets! Wash my towels! Not use the same filthy hoodie over and over again! This makes my life so much better. Small things, people, small things.

2. My examiners have accepted my corrections for my thesis and I am now officially a doctor. I thought about how to celebrate (new tattoo?) and ended up with wine and jaffacakes. What else do you need in life, anyway?

3. Went to see Russell Howard last night. He was pretty good, funny and delightful and wearing a tight t-shirt which if of course crucial, and telling us far too much information about his sex life. Apparently telling Churchill (the dog, not the PM) jokes in the middle of shagging is a bad idea. He spoke a bit about the American election, about how scary Sarah Palin seems ("couldn't be more right wing unless she was holding a gun in one hand and a baby in the other and standing on a pile of dead gays") and how the rest of the world is pretty much begging the US to vote for Obama. Which, yes. I don't know how much of this comes across to people in the States, but in UK news the American election is the biggest thing going on. Every blip of each campaign is explained and discussed, and footage of election rallies is the first item on most BBC news. For my part, I tend to watch the Daily Show online every morning, and read CNN in addition to my usual BBC and Guardian websites.

I can appreciate people saying that it isn't any of our business - whoever gets elected will not affect my healthcare, my employment prospects, my rights to marry or to have an abortion, and on the short term my life will be okay (well, to the same levels of okay as it is now, in consideration of my unemployment and general poverty). But even apart from affecting my friends in the States, who are many and whom I'm concerned about, the president of the US does have an impact on the rest of the world. I remember being a teenager when Clinton was elected, and how the extent of anti-American jokes was that they make sappy films a la Steven Spielberg. And as much as I've enjoyed the growth of political satire under George W. Bush, I'd be quite happy to see the quality of Hollywood films be the worst thing you can say about America. The ideal of USA is not my ideal (I tend to be suspicious of any national and nationalistic idealisations, regardless of the country) but the fact that the current overpowering image of America is defined by bigotry, willful ignorance, arrogance and intolerance has a detrimental effect on everyone. The fact that the most hated man in the world is not, say, a terrorist, not Osama bin Laden, but rather the president of the United States, creates an environment of such resentment and dread that any kind of international cooperation becomes all but impossible, and in order to stop climate change, in order to stop wars we need to be able to work together.

So yeah. I hope it all goes well, and I hope we will all be safer and happier as a result. I can't claim the right to be as invested in this as my American friends, but you should know that we are watching the election obsessively with you, and rooting for you and your, to use a currently debased and devalued term, freedoms.

Vote wisely!
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Note to self: Do not read the BBC forums on abortion. Rage is bad for thesis. *fumes*

In view of all the people saying that women should not abort unless they've been raped - that the choice to have sex implies the possibility of pregnancy, and therefore women who choose to have sex should be prepared to have babies - I would like to present a modest proposal suggested by my friend B. today.

Men who oppose abortions? Shouldn't be having (heterosexual) sex.

ETA: Abortion limit remains at 24 weeks. I may have done a fistpump of joy.
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Bush bemoans 'flawed' Iraqi data.

Well, duh. One could almost respect the fact that he's finally admitting this. Except that it's five years after the fact. And everybody else in the world has known this for years. So actually, no.
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Well, fuck.

The best we can hope for now is that he'll fuck up so badly that in the next general elections, no one will think of voting for the Conservatives.
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I've got a feeling this is not going to work outside the US, but passing it along for those who can help. Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] scribblinlenore.

In response to heat they're getting from the American Family Association, P&G is conducting a phone poll to see if people are for or against the Luke/Noah storyline on As The World Turns. Even if you don't watch the show, please consider taking a quick moment to support boy kissing and thwart homophobic bigotry. The poll is completely automated. You don't have to talk to anyone. And it really does take all of a second to register your opinion.

Just call 1-800-331-3774 and press #1 to continue in English (or #2 for Spanish), then 2 to get to the ATWT poll, then press 1 to continue the storyline.

We wouldn't want the homophobic bigots to win, now would we?
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I've just read Barack Obama's speech on race and, well. I would guess that I'm in the minority in my flist as it makes me want to support Clinton. I can see the value in what he says about race - I'll agree, even, and think it valuable that he should say it, but I nevertheless find myself deeply uncomfortable with a number of statements he makes, about the role of religion in politics and about America's great destiny in particular. I appreciate, though, that there are great differences in the rhetorics of politics in the US and in the UK, and it is interesting to see how this difference pans out in the way both Clinton and Obama are reported over here, often in terms of reason+experience vs. hope+charisma.

That said, I don't think he would make a bad president. Even if I disagree with some of the things he says, his speech shows a willingness and an ability to engage intelligently with difficult topics, and to share that with his audience, which, compared to George Bush, is pretty amazing.


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