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I like to use my paid account for important things.

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Hey, remember when I used to write fic? Quite a lot of it even? (Note for those who only found me through bandom - I used to write a lot of fic. There are over 40 Remus/Sirius fics on my memories list, and that's not counting the Harry/Draco and the Draco/Neville and other various permutations. I was totally famous in the internet for it and all.)

I was thinking I might do it again. Despite the mountains of other writing-things I should be doing, cause I have a vague memory that it used to be fun. We'll see.

So, what should I write?

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After a conversation on [livejournal.com profile] scribblinlenore's journal, I started thinking about what makes somebody a good pleasure slave for fictional purposes? What kind of character traits would be useful in making scenarios with pleasures slaves more thrilling? How would, say, the petulant sulkiness of Ryan Ross compare with the petulant sulkiness of Rodney McKay? How about the respective energeticnesses of Brendon Urie and Captain Jack Harkness? Hence, a poll.

Note: Female characters are purposefully excluded from this poll, because I find the concept of female pleasure slaves considerably more disturbing and problematic. Feel free to judge me on that, but it's a thing I have.

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I have recently become aware of a significant disparity between my world view and that of rest of the universe. In order to shed light on this dilemma, please fill out this poll and explain your reasoning in the comments.

[Poll #1416530]

For my part, I read Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Firebrand as an impressionable teenager and have consequently been unable to consider the War of Troy from a non-feminist perspective. Not unlike my thoughts on Arthurian Legend, for which see The Mists of Avalon. Also, Agamemnon is always a dickhead.
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[Poll #1323444]

I was all decided to not go to the party. I'm not in the mood to like Other People (for they are hell, as a snotty Frenchman once said), and it is frightfully cold outside.

However. It is also pretty cold inside. And I had planned to watch Torchwood season 2 tonight, but one episode of Captain Jack being an overacted arse seems to be all I can tolerate in one day. And I could go to the party and be grumpy at other people, and thus spread the misery.

Hmm, decisions, decisions.
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My friends, I have a cold. My lungs are full of snot and I keep coughing in a disgustingly wet manner, and although I don't feel dizzy and my nose isn't running, I do feel a bit sick.

However, there is a party tonight. A friend's birthday party, for whom i have promised to make An Introduction To The Emo Cult cd (which at the moment consists of four cds, um, I got a little carried away). I kind of want to go to the party.

What should I do?

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P.S. Dear Yuletide writer, there will be a letter soon for you. I'm sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic week!
P.P.S Is there a baby yet? Come on Pete, where's your twitter? This is the time for ugly photos and badly punctuated exhilaration!
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If I had any spare money this month (say, after buying many virtuous vegetables and not buying things like meat and wine, argh), what cd should I get?

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I was chatting to [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane last night, and during our conversation (in addition to this), I mentioned how much I like Pete Wentz's q&a sessions, and how I dream of one day asking him which band, in Decaydance, would produce the most entertaining intra-band sextape, if forced to make one by the Sextape Fairy. I decided, however, that I'm not actually going to ask this of him and that in any case, it would be better to ask it of you, since you lot tend to be more creatively pornish. So, a poll.

[Poll #1234421]

Please also comment with possible sextape names, scenarios, and illustrative porn!
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I was wondering, as you do, about People Outside Fandom (whom I know exist, but try to avoid), and their perception of fannish devotion. Or actually, I noticed my old Gary Oldman poster of "Have you seen this wizard?", and started thinking about whether, for people outside fannish circles, that would be more embarrassing than the poster of Gerard Way which I currently have on my wall. Note that I personally have no shame about either of them.

But considering that Harry Potter is a children's book, and that My Chem is seen as an emo band for silly teenage girls, which would be more embarrassing to find on the wall of a 29-year-old woman? How would our culture read the fact that I've had such posters - what would it say about me to those who are outside the fannish subculture?

Yes, I'm trying to avoid doing my thesis, how did you guess? ;)

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i. I have today bought my first ever pair of hotpants. This is particularly amusing because earlier on today I had the misfortune to see the video for Jessica Simpson's cover of These Boots Are Made For Walking. My thoughts, let me show you them.

what is she wearing and where is the rest of her costume?...is that Willie Nelson?...so this is why they call her Britney-lite...I'm starting to feel sorry for Ashlee if this is what she's told she should become...no, really, what is she wearing?...oh wow I really didn't need to know that much about the shape of her pubic mound...and her father is pushing her to do this sort of stuff?...how fucking creepy is that...poor, poor Ashlee...I'm starting to like Ashlee Simpson purely because of the fact that she tends to keep her clothes on...seriously, what is Willie Nelson doing there?

Trufax - I had no idea Jessica Simpson was (supposedly) a singer until I got into bandom and started hearing things about her sister. I thought she was just famous for being in a reality tv show.

ii. Have listened to Mindless Self Indulgence in an attempt to purify my ears. Yes, I think that's ironic too. On the other hand, I'm dancing in my chair. Am thinking about going to see MSI in London in July, After Thesis.

iii. Thesis going well. Hands doing well. Probably no Brendolina until it's finished though. Sorry.

iv. Have spent far too much time pondering the following question - who is hotter, Kara Thrace of Lyn-Z? So, a poll. :)

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It's Thursday and I'm bored at work. Hence, a poll. :)

Who is the sexiest in bandom?

Read more... )
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Hem hem. If I were to write a Regency AU, which fandom would you suggest? It occurs to me that this would get rid of all my problems with American accents and the like. Not to mention that I've read millions of historical romance novels this period in history happens to be my specialty.

So, fandoms? Pairings? Who do you think needs to be suited up in breeches and neckcloths or possibly put into a voluminous skirt with hoops*? Who should wield a riding crop? Who should get involved in the parry and thrust of swordplay?

Ahem, this might explain why I have chosen this period to be my specialty. Anyway. Look, a poll!

[Poll #1158819]


*although that would make it a Georgian AU, but I'm okay with that. ;)
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I've been reading a lot of Judith Butler recently, and thinking about how sexuality and gender are connected with identity - how we are taught to think of them as essentially linked, and how that connection might be undermined and destabilised. I'm curious about the notion of 'identifying as straight' - I find the notion problematic in a number of ways, but I'm still thinking my way through it. So, a poll. :)

[Poll #1149771]

[Poll #1149772]

[Poll #1149773]

ETA: Ahahahahaa, I'm reading Bodies That Matter and I keep getting distracted by the aardvark. Why shouldn't you name the aardvark 'Napoleon'? It consider it an excellent name for such an animal!
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Am bored. I have too many things to do and not enough time/energy/will to live to do them. Hence, a poll. ;)

In other words, entertain me, o flist, and tell me what could I do to brighten up your day! Since mine is doomed to be grey and dreary and filled with doom.

[Poll #1144077]

In other news, I have a new mobile. Apparently mobile phones these days have cameras in them. Who knew? *shakes head* However, it also allows for realtones, which means that I now have "Blood" as my ringtone, and "Teenagers" as my message alert. This fills me with unashamed glee. *g*
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Um, so it appears that my paid account doesn't finish until the 12th. A few more days of exciting pictures! I might even do a picspam about Why Patrick Stump Is A Beautiful Man and You Should All Adore Him.

However, first, a poll. *g*

A discussion on [livejournal.com profile] fleshdress's IJ made me start thinking about Next Generation HP pairings. Teddy/James is, of course, vastly interesting, as is Albus/Scorpius, but there are other possibilities. James/Scorpius? Closer to the Harry/Draco of that generation. And, naturally, some crossgen pairings, which made me think about Teddy/Draco. How that would be possible, what would interest them in each other, what kind of a situation would make that pairing work.

And I thought about this a lot, five pages of notes sort of lot, and now I have an epic plot and fully-blown characterisation and a perfect opening scene. With much angst-filled pining and curiosity and awkwardness. Sadly, my term of epic is no misnomer, as it wants to be at least 15000 words long. Argh. *sporks brain*

So, if I were to write such a thing, would you read it? ;)

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I'm going to a conference in a few days, and in time-honoured academic fashion, I have left writing my paper to the last minute. I have two days to write it, which should be time enough. However, tonight is New Year's Eve. And there is a Party.

This is one of those moments that call for adult decisions, right? Luckily, I have a flist, and the ability to make polls for a few days more, so I don't have to decide. ;)

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We all have imaginary conversations with people. Fictional people, or famous people, or maybe people you sort of know but never actually talk to. Everyone does this, right? You can do it as yourself, or as a fictionalised version of yourself - a wittier, prettier version, no doubt, but some version of you nevertheless. It's sort of embarrassing, but we all do it, and as long as you're aware of its fictional nature there is nothing wrong with it.

So what I want to know is: who did you last have a conversation with, and what did you talk about? Let's share the embarrassment! And if no one answers this poll, I will be really embarrassed.

I'll start. Mine was with Frank Iero, and we talked about tattoos on women.*g* How about you?

[Poll #1110195]
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i. There are 1279 participants in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. Apparently only 571 580 (since I started this post) have uploaded their story so far. *is smug and finished* Not that I wasn't almost defeated by the uploading process itself. Damn thing.

ii. Today, on one of those text-us-your-names-and-we-will-reveal-your-love-percentages shows, I saw that someone had sent Harry and Draco. They had 42% chance of making it. *g*

iii. I have bought the next Temeraire book, and continue to ship Temeraire/Lawrence. Surely I cannot be the only bestialist in this fandom? *misses HP fandom*

iv. The video for My Chem's "I Don't Love You" is all kids of hilarious. Gerard's little twisty face! He looks like he's about to burst into tears, or possibly laughter. Bless.

Also, Frank Iero might just be the most beautiful human being in the world. Especially when wearing tight and shiny leather.

v. Right, porn. What should I write?
[Poll #1108690]
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[Poll #1102231]

ETA: By embarrassing I mean kind of embarrassingly bad, and not nearly as funny as it thinks it is. Also, I'm going to have to have it looked at by an American. Or somebody who doesn't speak like a rake in a regency romance. *fiddles with neckcloth and twirls toe in Hessian boots*
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So. I have two fics unfinished and lolling about on my desktop at the moment. One is Jack/Ianto dirty handjob angst for [livejournal.com profile] rivier and the other one is a shameful and embarrassing attempt at bandslash crackfic and/or Frank/Gerard. Yes, I said I wouldn't, which is why I'm shameful and embarrassed.

Which one should I try to finish? Need to make use of my polling ability while I still have paid user status. :)

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