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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge.

Go to your icons page in Livejournal and look at the first two icons (the one on the right and the one on the left). Pair up the characters in the two icons. Go to the next two and do the same until you have a list of ships. Then...well, write 'em.

Interesting possibilities...

Frank Iero/Draco Malfoy.
Alex Kapranos/Jack Harkness
Rodney McKay/Riding crop.

Well, I'm not going to write these, but if anyone else would like to, you would earn my eternal devotion...*tempts*
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I've just finished watching Tracker and Read more... )
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My three pieces of canon on various characters. Such lovely procrastination. *g* Read more... )
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i. Have made a small flist-cut. It's not because I hate you. We've just grown apart as people, etc.

ii. I have acquired a Dead!-hoodie, which, despite being a size small, is big enough for me to curl into a ball and fit inside it. Hmm. *is very small* At least I managed to scandalise the aspirational middle class patrons at Brown's, who clearly felt that people with Dead!-hoodies should not be frequenting such establishments or enjoying their afternoon tea there. Oh the joys of transgression. ;)

iii. Re: SGA S4 - now that both John Sheppard and Rodney McKay have been established as gay, do you think that we can expect a kiss at some point? Thoughts? Illustrative porn?

iv. A question for the ages: Why is Ryan Ross so funny-looking? He has a perfectly good face, with cheekbones and a mouth and everything that should be attractive, and yet he just looks weird and awkward. Can anyone shed light on this mystery?

Or maybe it's just that he looks a lot like my 14-year-old sister, which is not a suitable look for any young man. *g*
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Having spent most of today in a state of uncomfortable and unspecified annoyance, I decided that shopping was the key to my happiness. Consequently, I went to H&M and tried on the My Chem shirt. Which, basically, looks like a prison shirt, with added fake blood. Oh, Gerard. Never stop being hilarious. *g*

It was also extremely large and manly, and therefore most unfit for me (as were most clothes I tried on at H&M - they seem to making space for hips where I have none, the bastards). However, at Zara I was able to find the pinnacle of clothing joy, that is, tight green trousers. Low-cut trousers, fitting but not too tight, with many pockets and zippers and narrow at the ankles. Not only that, but there was also a pair of breeches (well, shorts just below the knee but not quite capris), in a slightly different shade of green, that were even lower on the waist. Take that, world! I have a tiny green arse and I'm not afraid to use it!

Anyway, now that that's settled (as I am settled happily in my green trousers, smirking evilly every time a hipbone peeks out), I'm going to have dinner and watch SGA. I've finally got the Season Three boxset, and am salivating at the thought of so much Rodney. Those of you who have seen it, which episodes have good commentaries? Or, you know, actual talking by the actors? Help?
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Exciting announcements in the life of [livejournal.com profile] wildestranger

1. My elbows are turning green. No, seriously, they are. And much as I like the colour green (and anyone who has met me can attest, usually with some regret and a certain amount of dread, how much I love the colour green. It produces reactions in me that are otherwise reserved for Rodney McKay and baby pigs.), I'm not terribly keen on the idea of it being a colour on my skin. So, like any other crippled, heavily medicated, and paranoid young person, I mentioned this to my doctor (well, rheumatology nurse, really).

Cut for unexciting medical discussion )

2. I am moving house in a few days. I won't have internet access to begin with, since I keep forgetting to call NTL and their Phoneservice of Doom, and so won't be able to spend that much time online. I'm hoping this will increase my work productivity. But considering how lazy I am, it's far more likely that I'll spend the first week watching SGA dvds and drinking unnatural quantities of green tea.

3. Oh and my SGA S3 dvd arrived. *g* I has a Rodney now. Rodney, enveloped in a Wraith cocoon, whining and bitching at Ronon, his voice growing endearingly high. Rodney, poking at Sheppard to stop reading over his shoulder. Rodney, talking about catwoman with Sheppard and being held against a wall by Ronon and telling Lucius to fly. Rodney, with an arrow on his ass, and kiwi fruit boxers, and whining.

In short, I can has Rodney. :D

4. It's that time of year when students are starting to get back to university, and lecturers are starting to panic about their classes and research and stuff, and I'm really enjoying all the posts about the start of the academic year. People getting new rooms/flats/dorms, or starting new courses, or teaching new courses, or finding new friends and take-away places and what have you. There's something quietly exhilarating about it all, the potential for new learning, new lives, new ways of thinking about yourself as participant in academia. Of course, I am also quietly (or not *g*) jealous of a lot of these people who get to start it all and experience being an undergraduate, or postgraduate, or lecturer (okay, most jealous of people who have things like funding and successful research), but it is nevertheless fun to read through people's posts about it and in a way, have vicarious experiences of what it's like to be a first year at an American/Australian/Welsh university, or a postgrad in Canada/Scotland/Oxford, or a lecturer in a small college, or a big university, or anything in between.

It's thrilling, and after eight years of university education I still think that academia is the most exciting thing in the world. And I'm fiercely glad that I, even in my small and generally-failing-at-life sort of way, am a part of it.
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Highlight of the day: Walking into a local chemist's and hearing Dr Elizabeth Weir's dulcet tones, coming from the back-room, saying: "Rodney, I want you to take the rest of the day off." And no, I'm not in the least bit embarrassed that I both recognise that scene and know what happens next (for who could forget Rodney lying down on the floor and talking about the world's biggest sandwich? *g*).

I resisted the urge to engage the strange-looking little man who manned the place in conversation about Rodney McKay. I did, however, rewatch "The Tao of Rodney" once I got back home.

And so that this post isn't just another instance of Rodney-squeeage, here's a question. When are they starting to show the next season of SGA? What about Supernatural? Battlestar Galactica? What about Smallville? And I mean Over There rather than Over Here, since I know that Over Here it will be possibly next year and possibly never.


Aug. 15th, 2007 11:36 pm
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Those of you who like Rodney? This is the way to some wonderful Rodneys.

[livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match!

I suppose I could say something about the fascinating premise of the fest and how great it is that after these last few weeks of Doom and Dread we have porn, but really? There are wonderful Rodneys. And you know, Johns *snickers, because rentboy AUs are never a bad idea*, who apparently are the main characters in today's offerings, but really, Rodney.That's enough for me. *cuddles Rodney*

Also, I'm getting my first SG-1 season 10 dvd tomorrow. Which means Colonel Mitchell and his lemon. And my SGA season 3 dvd is arriving in two weeks. Which means more Rodney.

My grin today could blind the sun. :)
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i. Have just read Standish by Erastes. I enjoyed it, and had many thoughts on it, and on genre and romance and historicism, which I will soon form into a coherent review. Soon, meaning possibly tomorrow.

ii. I also caved and downloaded a tiny wee version of the latest SGA episode. Oh Rodney. This, I assert, will not count as a spoiler since I have said that about every single episode I have seen so far. Oh Rodney.

iii. My Jack/Ianto fic is not going anywhere and once again I've decided to scrap it. I have, however, started to write more on my dub con Aliens Made Them Do It SGA fic with complicated issues of consent. The irony, of being able to write sga after complaining loudly about its difficulties and with British fandoms not functioning in my brain, is not lost to me.

iv. Wine and writing - loving companions? Bitter enemies? Enbattled yet entangled co-conspirators? You decide! Share your thoughts.
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I have now had the pleasure of watching SG-1 'Memento Mori' and SGA 'McKay and Mrs Miller' twice. And it has, indeed, been a pleasure. ;)

cut for spoilers )
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I have just rewatched Sateda (And taped it! On video! After spending half an hour trying to refigure how those things work - it's been so long. Bless.)

Anyway. My Important Thoughts here:

i. Oh Rodney. cut for spoilers )

Tune in tomorrow for my Important Thoughts on Progeny! And hideous and intimate torture! *antici...pates*
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i. It appears the sign-ups for [livejournal.com profile] hpvalensmut are on. I keep being tempted, despite the fact that oh yeah, my brain doesn't do that anymore. Woe. :(

ii. Have signed up for Sectus 2007. That said, I'm terribly shy in person so will probably just stand in a corner sipping wine and making fun of people behind their backs. I'm evil that way.

iii. Oh Rodney. cut for squeeing on SGA 3.01 )

iv. Have received my SGA calendar today. There was a centerfold.*g* Sadly, it wasn't John Sheppard slouching in that provocative way of his, but rather the city of Atlantis. Oh well.
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So I've been watching SGA S2. This is very exciting for me, probably not that exciting for you, so here's a cut.

cut for cooing noises at Rodney McKay )

The sad news is, my new DVDs only have the first 16 episodes. I might have to give in and buy the last one legally, even though it's twenty pounds. Argh.

So which episode is the cockblocking one again?
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While I pine away for more SGA, I have questions. :)

1. Is there an episode guide to Stargate Atlantis that would tell me in some detail what happens in all the episodes I haven't seen? That being most of Season Two. I really want to know what happens after the cliffhanger of Season One.

2. When is the boxset of Season Two coming out? Is there a place where I can find out such things, an official website or something?

3. What stuff in special features of Season One would you recommend watching? What is particularly good?

4. Why is Rodney so adorable? And no, this isn't a rhetorical question. Let's discuss why Rodney is so adorable. *g*

5. What are considered shippy moments in either season? I can see instances where Rodney liking Sheppard is visible, but the other way round is a bit more difficult.

6. Should I get a t-shirt that says "There's brilliant and then there's me"?
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i. I got my SGA DVDs. I didn't go to work so I could stay at home and watch them. I'm thinking this says all you need to know about my addiction.

ii. Except I want to say more. Rodney McKay is adorable. I want a Rodney. And Sheppard? Loving the talkin slow and annoying Dr. McKay on purpose thing. It fills me with delight.

iii. Do people really make fun of Sheppard's hair or is that just fanfic? I rather feel there should be more stuff with the hair.

iv. I finished the mpreg and posted it a few days ago, but there's been few comments. I realise that it's a rarepair and mpreg but people? If you don't read it and tell me what you think, then I'm going to think it's not very good. And I'll have to try again. And again. And again. Yes, this is a threat. Come on, aren't you at least curious? *g*

v. Will start listing [livejournal.com profile] todieavirgin prompts soon. Virgin!porn on the way.

vi. Doctor Who last night? I bawled like a baby. Then went back to cooing at Rodney. Also, where the hell is Captain Jack? I'm sure he was supposed to be in this series. *licks Captain Jack*

*licks the other Captain Jack, and Commodore James so they won't feel lonely*
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I. I am lost. Lost to Stargate Atlantis and Rodney McKay and John Sheppard, and their banter and Rodney's mouth and Sheppard's grin and I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE EPISODE OF THE SHOW. They have fried my brain, for I have spent the last five days reading fic about them, reading all of [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon's and [livejournal.com profile] avoteforla's recs and anything else I've come across. There has been many, and I've been unable to leave my computer for more than short periods of time to eat and watch Pirates of the Caribbean (a short review will follow). I have also ordered the first season off amazon. Disgracefully addicted, that's me.

ii. So, how many of you write/read SGA slash? If you have porn, bring me it. We needs it precious.

iii. That said, I am determined to do things other than read SGA porn today. Must clean house, sort out moving things, write thesis, writer mpreg. And the only way I can manage that is if there is SGA porn to come back when I finish. So, please. Porn!

iv. Am woefully behind on answering comments, so shall do that in a bit. Also, [livejournal.com profile] todieavirgin has many members now and has received many prompts. I still think there should be more, though. What do you think, should I extend the time limit for people to leave prompts?

v. Hands fine now. Am most happy and very much looking forward to doing some ironing. :)


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