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Dear Yuletide-writer,

My apologies for not writing my letter earlier. I hope you have not been fretting. Please do not fret, I promise I will be happy with whatever you write! These are all tiny fandoms and every new story is a cause for joy. REALLY. So don't fret.

However, if you would like to know more about what would make me even more happy than I will already certainly be...

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, 2011.

I went to see this film because of Tom Hardy and his beauteous musculature, and ended up having Feelings about things entirely unrelated to Tom Hardy (which is not to say that I didn't have feelings about Tom Hardy, only that they were located elsewhere). This is a quiet and clever film about people being subtle and thoughtful, and I love all of those things. spoilers )

The Hour, 2011.

I was fascinated by the relationship between Bel and Freddie, and basically, anything more you want to tell me about that I will be delighted to hear. Preferably after the series, but if you get an interesting bunny that takes place during, go for it. Again I am interested in the work they are doing and how they think about their work, the mechanics of tv production as well as their self-fashioning as people who work, class and gender issues included. spoilers )

State of Play, 2003.

I started to watch this show for James McAvoy, but stayed for the plot. That said, the character of Dan Foster is fascinating, not to mention so ridiculously charming that I ended up blushing at my screen a lot. Seriously, I think James McAvoy actively turns down the charm for all other performances, because if he did this all the time...*fans self* Ahem. Yes, anything you want to tell me about Dan Foster, his family, his sex life (we know there's a missus but who says it has to be a woman? :P Or whatever you like!), his work, his sense of himself, his flirtations...I loved his banter in the show, and the way he connected with other members of staff - basically, if you just focus on Dan Foster being delightful, I will be very happy.

General Things Wot I like:

* As you may have gathered, I like characters who are good at their jobs and whose competence is shown in the story. I would like to hear about the mechanics of spying, tv production, investigative journalism, the skills required for those jobs and how people teach themselves to be good at what they do. I also like people to be thoughtful and intelligent in areas other than their work.

* I am a stickler for historical and cultural accuracy. Two of the fandoms requested deal with fairly recent history, one is modern, but I would nevertheless like to see that what happens is plausible in the relevant context. This could be an opportunity to engage with topics in the film/show (1970s politics, women in the workplace in the 1950s, modern British politics), or just an occasion for a few world-building details. It doesn't have to be the focus of the story, but I do hate being jolted out of a story because of historical inaccuracies.

* I like banter and clever dialogue, and there's space for that in all of these fandoms. I like character interaction to be funny, but also subtle and thoughtful, so whichever way the mood of the fic takes you...I like pining and UST, and sex while pretending not to have feelings. I like people poking at each other, and growing tension. I prefer a long drawn out mess to instant gratification.

* I really like happy endings. Please don't give me an unhappy ending. It would make me most sad.

* Most importantly, I would really like you to enjoy writing this story, so ignore all these if you need to. I am looking forward to reading it in any case!
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I've been thinking that I should post more for a while now, but events (that is, students and marking and work) have conspired to keep me from doing so. Now, however, I have some free time and thus can share with you all my very important thoughts on Tom Hardy. Aren't you glad? *g*

And no, I'm not even kidding because due to my electricity being cut off several times this week, I've been spending a lot of time watching things on my laptop, including, yesterday, Inception.

I'm kind of interested in the fact that this film has gathered so many different responses from fandom - I have friends who think it's the best film ever, friends who thought it was a bit rubbish, and friends who absolutely hated it. I am somewhat puzzled by all of these reactions, but they show the different ways in which we approach films with fannish content. And of course, Inception is a bit peculiar in that the fandom tends to privilege characters whose narratives are not privileged in the film.

This is actually something I like about the fandom because it shows the extent to which we are a transformative community - that we value banter and dynamics over manpain and Heavy Anvils of Storytelling, for example, rather than simply accept what the film tells us, and that we put that banter at the centre of our interpretative community.

This makes, I think, Inception a good film for fannish purposes. There is the overarching Hollywood plot and a serious hero with serious manpain, but the other characters are not subsumed into this narrative and allowed only a supportive role. There are tiny moments of characterisation for all of them and that's what makes this an interesting world, and also, what makes me want to rewatch this film. Other than, you know, Tom Hardy being hot and stuff.

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Have been quiet recently, sorry about that. The reason is that my beloved laptop of three years is broken, again - not as drastically as before, but the trackpad has stopped working which means I have to use a mouse, which means I can't use the laptop sitting on my bed, which means that my knees have been fucked for the last week and that my online time has been very limited. Wah, life is hard. *whines*

On the other hand, Tom Hardy exists, and apparently likes to wrap a film by pulling his trousers down and getting paintballed in the arse. I've decided that he's a gift to fangirls from the universe - a gift that keeps on giving, so much omg - a sign, as it were, that we are doing good things in the world and should keep doing them. He is our reward. We must use him well.

Also I hear that delicious is being closed, which will have a devastating effect on our fannish infrastructure. Where will I find my porn now? Delicious has functioned like a shared reclist and I don't know what we'll do without it. Has anybody actually tried any of the alternatives?
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i. I am writing Inception fic where the team tries to discover the secret of the Sachertorte. Yes, my brain likes to reduce serious mindcrime and exciting espionage shenanigans to a quest for more chocolate. That's just how I roll.

ii. In other Tom Hardy (&hearts Tom Hardy&hearts) news, I am currently downloading Colditz in order to acquire more of his deliciousness. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I actually get flustered just by thinking about him. He is making me ridiculous, and I don't even mind. :D :D :D

iii. Speaking of boys who make me ridiculous, GERARD. Apparently he's drinking again? I'm quietly devastated by this, but then again whatevs, it's his liver.

iv. I'm enjoying the new album, although not as much as I'd hoped. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na lol) has become one of my favourite songs in a very short time, but the rest of it is more amusing than OMG New And Beautiful Noises Never Heard Before. I do like the sneaky and suggestive voice he does in Planetary (GO!), and the beginning of Vampire Money makes me crack up every time. Oh Gerard, how so ridiculous.

v. I signed up for Yuletide to write in fandoms I've never done before, and six of them at that. I'm not quite sure what came over me. I blame Andrew Lloyd Webber - I was trying to find Jesus Christ Superstar, but they didn't have it, so I ended up signing up for other kinds of Bible slash instead. Mostly I just want to write about Judas Iscariot and his passionate and ansgt-filled relationship with Jesus. What, you know they were so doing it. How else explain the bitterness?

vi. Does anyone have recommendations on cold luncheon type meals? I'm needing to eat more solidly during the day because I start feeling faint so easily, but I've run through all my existing recipes already. I'm particularly thinking of more Bulgur Wheat related things that are not tabbouleh (I love tabbouleh but have made it too often recently). Any suggestions?
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This has been a pretty awful week. I've been down with a vicious cold since Monday, and have tried to write a five-part job application to a US university in between napping and coughing and drinking tea. If I say that even the thought of wine does not make me want to have any, that will tell you how sick I've been.

All of which is why it has taken me so long to write this post, but LAST SATURDAY I WENT TO LONDON TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.


Ahem.Read more... )
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Dear Inception fandom,

I have a query.

I have noticed, in the general flailing over the delightfulness of Tom Hardy, that one of the trope fandom reactions to his admittedly mindbogglingly charming self is one of logical discrepancy. To be precise, the incongruence of the two following concepts.

Tom Hardy is intelligent and articulate.
Tom Hardy has muscles and tattoos.

Please explain this. Because surely, surely, we in fandom are not so stupid as to assume that tattooed people cannot also be well-spoken and thoughtful. What with the evidence of, you know, most of fandom being like this.

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Okay friends, I need to you to rec more Tom Hardy films. Apparently I have needs. Needs which include his beautiful face doing strange things on my laptop screen.

Thus far I have seen Inception, Rocknrolla, and Stuart: A Life Backwards. Feel free to come and talk to me about them as well. I have thoughts.

Also, I need icons - anyone know of a good place/comm?
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I watched Rocknrolla the other day, and had some thoughts. Mostly that Tom Hardy is beautiful and delightful and nngh, but also cut for spoilers )

In other news, what are you wearing to the My Chem show? :D :D :D :D

I'm thinking black PVC trousers because a)I have them, and haven't worn them in ages, b)they would be really warm, what with all the walking and waiting that I expect will happen, and c) they would be shiny, and shiny is a thing Gerard likes.

Naturally, I would have to add some colour as well, so I'm thinking bright green sleeveless top with a green bowtie (&hearts [profile] fleshdress &hearts). How about you?


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