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After a conversation on [livejournal.com profile] scribblinlenore's journal, I started thinking about what makes somebody a good pleasure slave for fictional purposes? What kind of character traits would be useful in making scenarios with pleasures slaves more thrilling? How would, say, the petulant sulkiness of Ryan Ross compare with the petulant sulkiness of Rodney McKay? How about the respective energeticnesses of Brendon Urie and Captain Jack Harkness? Hence, a poll.

Note: Female characters are purposefully excluded from this poll, because I find the concept of female pleasure slaves considerably more disturbing and problematic. Feel free to judge me on that, but it's a thing I have.

[Poll #1437328]
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It seems I have signed up for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang. Oops.

This means that Brendon the Disgraced Governess shall be finished one day! Because I know it will be over 20000 words in any case, and that I had vaguely planned to finish it by March (which gives me a bit more time and is way more likely to happen, therefore), and because I have never defaulted on a fannish deadline in my life. Which means it shall happen. *waves pompoms feebly*

In other news, the second chapter of Brendolina is almost finished (I know, I know, I promised it in May, I acknowledge my shame) and will be posted by the end of this month. After which there is [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines, for which I signed up for 14 days. I thought this would be a good way for me to get rid of all my wips - there's a dub con SGA fic that I've been writing ever since I got into that fandom in summer 2006, and a post-DH Draco/Neville fic that I started writing at Sectus in 2007. Good plan, but now I have 15 days to finish a whole lot of fic as well as do teaching preparation and write an article. Yeah.

So, in order to complete this fannish extravaganza, I need to write something in Torchwood and Merlin. For this endeavour I would ask your help, since my only plot bunny for Merlin involves faily blackmail sex, and in Torchwood the very thought of Jack makes me teeth grind. So, any ideas? Preposterous crackish notions that you would like to see take place? Wacky scenarios that no one else is crazy enough to take up? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
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Is it just me or is Doctor Who getting more and more boring this season? cut for spoilers of S4 )
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i. Last night, [livejournal.com profile] idyll linked me to Sock Dreams. I stayed up till three in the morning ordering new socks. Fifty dollars worth of new socks.

I may have a sock problem.

ii. The new REM album is out and is wonderful. I'd upload some songs but for some reason my computer refuses to acknowledge the existence of REM files. It's well worth buying, though.

iii. I had a weird Torchwood dream the other day. I was part of a group that was being trained as Torchwood operatives, spies and whatnot, and all the team was there as well as other people - maybe ten or so overall. We'd been doing this since we were teenagers, and were now in our late twenties (*coughageanxietycough*), and some of us were working in the Hub, some, like me, were deployed elsewhere. I had been called back to Jack's office about an anonymous interview someone had done ten years earlier about Jack's sexual harassment policies, and he was trying to figure out if I had been the one to do it. In the dream, I knew that I had done it, and knew that it was because he had been a dickhead that day and I'd been annoyed, and also that it was a harmless thing - annoying to him, but without damaging consequences. I didn't admit to doing it, though, but I did smirk and call him a dickhead. Which, apparently, was something I did a lot in this world. My TW issues, let me show you them.

He was about to discipline me when I woke up (I was about to call Ianto and have him discipline Jack instead). Most strange.

In conclusions, socks?
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Has anybody seen the new Torchwood? Please come and spoil me. I'm crying to be despoiled.
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OMG Gwen married Jack! Read more... )

ETA: Sorry for anyone who saw the uncut version, should be fixed now.
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My three pieces of canon on various characters. Such lovely procrastination. *g* Read more... )
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I could say something deep and thoughtful about Read more... )
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It's been a bad hand week. My arthritis has flared up, and while I'm currently able to type, this will probably not last long. I'd forgotten how exhausting being in pain is - I've spent the last few days sleeping badly and not-eating (no appetite for food and no energy to eat). The cold weather doesn't help, particularly with my rubbish insulation.

Not to mention that being crippled in my wrists makes it difficult to do my job or write my thesis. Argh.

I wish I could say that tonight's Torchwood will make me feel less depressed, but this seems unlikely. Unless the powers that be decide that angsty-fighty Ianto/Owen is the way to go. Or perhaps naughty-smug Ianto/Martha. *ponders*

Porn, anyone?
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I really didn't intend to write fic for a long time, but it seems tonight's episode of Torchwood was very, ahem, inspirational. Please find episode-tag ficlet below.

Title: Clues
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Implied Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Up to 2.4 Meat
Words: 690
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them, RTD owns them.

Read more... )
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My canon is gayer than your canon. Discuss. ;)
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I've been rereading my old Torchwood fic and remembering how much fun it has been, and so. Even though I'm not supposed to be writing any fic until I finish my current chapter...

Give me a prompt? Who knows, I might be inspired and come up with a drabble ficlet or two. ;)
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So. I have two fics unfinished and lolling about on my desktop at the moment. One is Jack/Ianto dirty handjob angst for [livejournal.com profile] rivier and the other one is a shameful and embarrassing attempt at bandslash crackfic and/or Frank/Gerard. Yes, I said I wouldn't, which is why I'm shameful and embarrassed.

Which one should I try to finish? Need to make use of my polling ability while I still have paid user status. :)

[Poll #1100000]


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