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It is possible that I am thinking about writing some Inception fic (since my brain is currently on a track f eameseameseames, with occasional bursts of Gerard!). In view of this possibility, I have a few questions for those of you who have seen the film more often than me.

1. Do we know Yusuf's nationality? And Aridane's?

2. Do we at any point see any of them drinking alcohol, and if so, which beverage?

Because naturally, my way to characterisation is through drinking.
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Dear People That I Owe Help_Haiti Fics,

I'm so sorry it it taking me this long to produce anything. Due to annoying RL commitments, I haven't had the time to start working on your things until this week, and since much of my RL work consists of writing in a Write Or You Will Starve Forever kind of way, it will be a while until I can get them finished. Rest assured, however, that I am working on them, and engaged with them, and having Many Exciting Thoughts about them. I am hoping to post introductory snippets of them soon to give you an idea of what is going on.

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Yesterday I had a [personal profile] sunsetmog and some pie. It was glorious. We watched My Chem and Panic and the Divine Comedy, and I was reminded of how much I actually love Neil Hannon and his clever little songs and his beautiful voice. And that tattooing 'tonight we fly' somewhere on my body would be a wonderful idea.

In other news, I have sold four stories in exchange of donations to help_haiti, totalling at $220. This makes me feel most virtuous, especially as I cannot afford to make any donations myself. Stories offered include:

Remus/Sirius. I haven't written this in many, many years, but I am having Thoughts about how it might go. I discovered Harry Potter at the same time as the Divine Comedy, which makes this evening's Neil Hannon love-fest most inspirational.

Regency MCR. Still have no idea about what to do with this, since I already have two separate Lord Ways in my head and am not sure how to manage a third. Something will come up, no doubt.

Regency Adam/Kris. I have a universe and sort of a plot for this, but the problem is that this Kris is kind of an entitled idiot and the story will suffer if I end up despising the POV character (see all my fic including Harry Potter). As I told [personal profile] sunsetmog, happy, well-adjusted people annoy me.

Sherlock Holmes 2009, Mary/Irene. This is also somewhat developed in my brain, as it consists mostly of ladies being awesome and boys being stupid. Expect much mockery of Victorian gentlemen.
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Success! I have finally become able to turn on the news or go online without bursting into tears at the sight of hugging Chicagoans/crying Jesse Jackson/random people dancing on the streets. This is possibly because the BBC has stopped showing that all the time, but still. Although, after choking back tears for four hours whilst at work on Wednesday morning, in full view of undergraduates, you might say it's too late to acquire any kind of dignity. Not that I've ever had shame in any case.

You know, I used to be a heartless bitch who didn't like a) people or b) America. I guess that's all over now. Oh well. *g*

In other news, although I have not signed up for Nanowrimo, I have attempted to practice a sort of informal writing-lots-of-stuff month. I'm trying to do 500 words per day, which shouldn't be that hard, except my arthritis is flaring up and well, I don't have much handpower to spare. Not with essay marking and job applications and desperate attempts to write articles. Nevertheless, I have written 1000 words of Brendolina, and a few hundred words of the Disgraced Governess, and have further plans for both. I'm hoping to post the next chapter of Brendolina by the end of this month, and the Governess fic (which looks to be about 20000 words) by Christmas, but it will depend on my hands.

So, anybody seen any Barack/Rahm fic yet? If not, why not? Come on people, this is our way!
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Hello all,

And welcome especially to all the new people who have joined since Brendolina. I should probably point out that I'm not as ridiculous as that name implies but I'd be lying, but if you've already had a look through my journal (which I hope you have - you wouldn't want to stumble upon such unadulterated depravity without warning), you'll already know enough about that.

A few things about the Regency AU.

I'm going to be using two tags, Brendolina and Regency AU. The former will be used in fic-posts only - new chapters, and any posts with snippets of fic. This is the tag you want to pay attention to if you only want to read the fic. The latter, on the other hand, will be used for the fic and all the conversations, ponderings, polls etc that concern the fic - this entry, for example, has the tag 'Regency AU'. So keep this in mind if you want to track the tags or something.

Now, I've already started writing the second part, but I can't tell you precisely when that's going to be posted. Could be a few weeks, could be a month, but no longer than that. All in all, I imagine this will be something along 40000 or 50000 words (since there is clearly something wrong with me and I cannot do it in less).

The next thing, though, is a sort of introduction of primary characters, with a brief blurb about Spencer's riding crop and Ryan's scarves and Gerard's hamster and so forth. This is where your help would be appreciated - I'm trying to find pictures of bandom people in anything approaching Regency costume. A nice suit, even, or anything with a shirt and tie, and dresses for VickyT and Greta. So if you know of any, please give us a shout and picspam and the comments! I've got a Gerard pic and a Spencer pic, but even with them more would be welcome. Thanks!
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Hem hem. If I were to write a Regency AU, which fandom would you suggest? It occurs to me that this would get rid of all my problems with American accents and the like. Not to mention that I've read millions of historical romance novels this period in history happens to be my specialty.

So, fandoms? Pairings? Who do you think needs to be suited up in breeches and neckcloths or possibly put into a voluminous skirt with hoops*? Who should wield a riding crop? Who should get involved in the parry and thrust of swordplay?

Ahem, this might explain why I have chosen this period to be my specialty. Anyway. Look, a poll!

[Poll #1158819]


*although that would make it a Georgian AU, but I'm okay with that. ;)
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I wasn't going to do this, but I'm bored and no one seems to be around (in other words, people are spending time with their families and celebrating Christmas instead of writing me porn - what's with that?), so I might as well. *sighs theatrically and pokes flist in indelicate places*

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

If you inspire me, I might even do it. Otherwise, I might end up writing Jesus Christ Superstar/Judas Iscariot treats for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and you don't want that. Although it would be appropriate for the time of year. *ponders*

So, any takers?
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i. There are 1279 participants in [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. Apparently only 571 580 (since I started this post) have uploaded their story so far. *is smug and finished* Not that I wasn't almost defeated by the uploading process itself. Damn thing.

ii. Today, on one of those text-us-your-names-and-we-will-reveal-your-love-percentages shows, I saw that someone had sent Harry and Draco. They had 42% chance of making it. *g*

iii. I have bought the next Temeraire book, and continue to ship Temeraire/Lawrence. Surely I cannot be the only bestialist in this fandom? *misses HP fandom*

iv. The video for My Chem's "I Don't Love You" is all kids of hilarious. Gerard's little twisty face! He looks like he's about to burst into tears, or possibly laughter. Bless.

Also, Frank Iero might just be the most beautiful human being in the world. Especially when wearing tight and shiny leather.

v. Right, porn. What should I write?
[Poll #1108690]
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Note to self: A drabble is a short piece of writing. A hundred words, if you're a purist, a bit more or a bit less if you're not. It is not, repeat, not, a thousand words of rambling fic with no end in sight. This is why you never finish anything. Because you let them grow huge and unmanageable and start having visions of the thousands more words they need to be done.

Also, a request for tormented Jack/Ianto? Doesn't really mean crackfic about Ianto tormenting Jack with the tightness of his trousers. NO REALLY.


So, there might be some Torchwood fic in the near future. And some self-flagellation. *flogs self*
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1. I have acquired (with money, even) the Panic! at the Disco album. They sound a lot like Fall Out Boy, in the first listen at least. Also, I maintain that Spencer Smith looks like my mother. Poor boy.

2. Is anybody planning to watch MTV European Video Awards? Cause My Chemical Romance are both performing and nominated for three awards. Not that I've been voting at the site everyday just on the off chance that they might win and I might get to see their acceptance speech. That would be silly. Just as silly as buying an actual MCR calendar for next year. With beautiful sepia pictures. Who would do such a thing? *g*

3. Is the new Supernatural good? I've downloaded some of the episodes, but haven't got around to watching them. I assume Dean Winchester continues to be hot like pie?

4. My Yuletide assignment is...intriguing. I have as of yet no idea how to go about writing it, but I'm sure something will come to me. Which brings me to:

Dear Yuletide writer,

I hope you are finding my prompts inspirational, but if they turn out to be more hindrance than help, then feel free to ignore them. What I am most interested in reading is characterisation - porn that illustrates character would be great, but sex scenes aren't necessary, if you find they don't fit the story - but whatever kind of plot you need to create in order to write that is fine. I prefer slash, but I'm also happy to read gen or het (obviously, this only in the fandom where I listed female characters). Really, whatever you think makes the best kind of story.

Now, for more particular things: Read more... )


Oct. 6th, 2007 05:07 pm
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I seem to have signed up for Yuletide. Oops. And this is after I'd decided not to write anymore fanfiction (by the way, [livejournal.com profile] shaggydogstail, I am still plotting slutty Captain Jack at the SGC fic for you! Worry not, it will be done! Probably during this year, even!), which, um, clearly shows that I have no fortitude. Which is surely not a surprise to anyone. :)

Anyway, Yuletide makes me curious because it goes (potentially) against the way I tend to write in most fandoms, that is, with an eye on the porn. Cause you see, while I love reading romance plots (long, tension-filled, character-driven, short, humourous, sweet - anything, really), I've become very dissatisfied with the way I write them. I don't like the limitations it puts on my brain (and I realise this a question of my particular imagination rather than the genre as a whole), and the kind of scenarios I end up thinking in - repetitive, uninteresting, cliched scenarios- nor the end result. So the idea of writing in fandoms where the focal point of the text requires me to do something else, or at least something else as well, is very appealing. Not that I haven't asked for and offered fandoms with canon slash, of course, but because of that the question of how to get them together will not be the main thing. I'm hoping that this will make me actually interested in writing fiction again.

So, how many of you are doing Yuletide? What fandoms? Are we allowed to reveal what fandoms we've asked for/offered?
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i. Have just read Standish by Erastes. I enjoyed it, and had many thoughts on it, and on genre and romance and historicism, which I will soon form into a coherent review. Soon, meaning possibly tomorrow.

ii. I also caved and downloaded a tiny wee version of the latest SGA episode. Oh Rodney. This, I assert, will not count as a spoiler since I have said that about every single episode I have seen so far. Oh Rodney.

iii. My Jack/Ianto fic is not going anywhere and once again I've decided to scrap it. I have, however, started to write more on my dub con Aliens Made Them Do It SGA fic with complicated issues of consent. The irony, of being able to write sga after complaining loudly about its difficulties and with British fandoms not functioning in my brain, is not lost to me.

iv. Wine and writing - loving companions? Bitter enemies? Enbattled yet entangled co-conspirators? You decide! Share your thoughts.
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i. My final SGA dvd has arrived. Rodney! Cockblocking! Unsubtle touching of shoulders! Ronon! Do not expect sanity frome me for a while. Not that you'd expect that in any case, of course.

ii. I spent last night celebrating [livejournal.com profile] captain_stem's handing in of thesis (a process not unlike giving birth) by getting rather drunk at Brown's (surprisingly cheap and good, both for wine and food. Also, pretty waiters.) and scandalising the passing waiters by discussing BDSM. I've been reading a long fanfic novel that takes place in a BDSM universe (and scaring [livejournal.com profile] kabeyk in the process, which is always fun), and been fascinated by the world. Naturally, we considered all our friends and colleagues in terms of whether they'd be subs or tops, and much fun was had. Oh, the joys of being a pervert in public. *g*

iii. We also decided to go for a weekend trip sometime in November. Lisbon and Rome were discussed as possible destinations. Any advice on what those places are like in late autumn? Recommendations on other locations that would be enjoyable to visit that time of year? Somewhere cheap and interesting?

iv. Should have mentioned this before, but, well, am lazy and forgot. :) I've been invited to [livejournal.com profile] hpwriterschoice (which is great, cause I get to discuss why I'm a brilliant writer! And in public! Without shame! Or something), and I need to discuss my favourite fic (of my own) by a deadline, which happens to be today. I've been thinking about this, and there are a few definite favourites, but during this process I've also become curious about what you lot think (See! We can all talk about how wonderful I am! It's great!). Are there stories that you like best in my oeuvre, or is it all a mass of generic porny splooge? I would greatly appreciate any comments. In fact, anyone who answers this gets a drabble of their choice. *tempts*


Jun. 3rd, 2006 03:25 pm
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So. Mpreg. Do you love it? Hate it? Can't be bothered to think about it?

I find myself curious about the phenomenon of mpreg in fandom. Some people seem to hate it with an unholy passion. Some perceive it as OMG the cutest thing eva. A plot device, a source of crackfic, an embodiment of patriarchal control system, an embodiment of feminist subversion, mostly an embodiment of bad writing?

I want to know what you think about mpreg, and most importantly, why. If you dislike it, what do you dislike about it? If you enjoy it, what do you think is good/interesting/sexy about it?

Is it the association with bad writing, silly teenagers who cannot imagine romance without babies and marriage? I used to be wary of such things until I read [livejournal.com profile] eutychides's Things That Change (which is not only a devastatingly well written mpreg, but a fic so moving and memorable that after finishing reading it at three in the morning, I had to go back the next day and reread the whole thing).

Also, if I were to write an mpreg fic, would you read it? That said, I am writing one so you shall be put to the test in a few weeks. ;)
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Having written 1500 words of H/D today, I have been pondering the process of writing perspective. For Harry/Draco, I usually write from Harry's POV because I find it easier to describe why Harry would be attracted to Draco than vice versa. However, at present I'm writing two Draco-centric H/D fics (not to mention two Draco-centric Draco/Neville fics, argh), and I'm enjoying the difficulty of making Potter interesting. And you can join in the fun!

First of all, a poll. Do you like Draco better than Harry? Harry better than Draco? Is there a general preference, or does it vary from story to story? Do you usually write the same kind of Harry or Draco? What aspects do you like to write when describing somebody from the POV of the attracted person?

[Poll #731600]

ETA: Oh and please tell me why you prefer one or the other character.
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More Exciting News

i. Left wrist is still strange. The Thing seems to have spread to my upper arm, which is red and tender and hurts when poked. And you know I can't help poking it. Just to see if it still hurts, of course.

ii. Have finished first chapter of Adventures in High Life (that being the [livejournal.com profile] serpentinelion fic). It occurs to me that this is going to be a very strange kind of H/D fic. For one, I'm writing from Draco's POV, which I haven't done before. It's disturbingly easy, in that I have no difficulties thinking up petulant and snarky things for him to say. I wonder what that says about me. *g* But the things is, my Draco seems to think that Potter bloke is a bit silly and he'd much rather shag Blaise. Or he gets all vulnerable and snarky and tells Potter to piss off, and goes to hide in the Sulking Room. I'm observing my brain work with some detached amusement. ;)

iii. As you can see from this prolific posting, my hands are fine at the moment. So I'm going to take a break from my WiPs and write some H/D that isn't 20000 words long. Should be fun.

iv. Some recs - great porn from my two favourite writers:

[livejournal.com profile] kabeyk wrote When I See You. Ron/Draco, NC-17.

[livejournal.com profile] fleshdress wrote If You Don't Know Me By Now. Harry/Draco, NC-17.
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I've been thinking a lot lately about the sides we pick in our writing. Not only in terms of whose perspective one chooses to write, but also whose position in a pairing one chooses to occupy. When I first started writing HP fanfiction, it was always about Remus: from his point of view, about his character and his issues. But although I would write about Remus looking at Sirius ( and his lovely naked arse and his wicked, wicked mouth), I would still be looking at Remus, really, and Sirius was there only to illustrate how fascinating Remus was. Yet the relationship between Remus and Sirius intrigues me because I can occupy both positions, and feel, as it were, the desire of both for the other. I share characteristics of both (well, both the Remus I imagine and the Sirius I imagine), and as I think more about their relationship, I find myself slipping into Sirius' perspective more easily.

And yes, this might be because these are my two favourite characters, and the reasons why I am in this fandom.*g* But the question becomes more interesting when applied to other characters and pairings. I also like to write and read Harry/Draco, write other Draco-pairings, read other Harry-pairings. And within that, my perspective lies unequivocally with Draco (which is perhaps amusing considering that I tend to write them from Harry's POV), and my Draco tends to be in need of a Neville, rather than a Harry or anybody else.

Hmm, not sure if this makes much sense, but there's a poll! Please fill it out and share any thoughts you might have had from my rambling!

[Poll #712204]
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I just want to say that I'm very disappointed in you all. Well, not all of you, but those who answered my previous question about what would you like to see happening in The Law of Seduction, and said "SEX!"

Really, children, have I ever let you down before? Have I ever written a story that didn't have sex? Of course they will have sex.

I thought you knew me by now. *tssks*
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Just to spam you some more...since I'm bored, what do you think will happen in the next chaper of The Law of Seduction? What scenarios can you imagine? What would you want to see happening?

I'm just curious, as I'm writing it at the moment, and while I know pretty much what will happen, I'm thinking about what kind of questions the previous chapter raised, what would you like to see happen, what would you find satisfying to read? Remember that this is a three part thing, and part has been done so far. So? Anything you want to say, I'll be interested to hear? cause I'm bored and have nothing better to do


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