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1. Gerard.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that Gerard Way makes me happy on a daily basis just by existing. At the moment, however, he is making me particularly happy with this, My Chemical Romance's video for Desolation Row, which one astute commentator described as Gerard's bondage fantasy porno that he decided to share with us.

This is why we love Gerard. He shares such things with us. And his fantasy includes Frank blowing raspberries and writhing on the floor, Ray beating people up with his guitar, Mikey being pushed about by police officers, a naked dudebro who starts a riot because the My Chem tickets are sold out (in [livejournal.com profile] bexless's words), and Gerard strutting about and being incredibly pretty. This video offers an endless of plethora of delights, and you should go see it. That's how Gerard Way will save your life.

2. Disloyal Water Buffaloes.

I haven't really spoken about Fall Out Boy's Folie A Deux, but that's because I have been too overcome with delight rather than because I had nothing to say. This song exemplifies why. Hilarious and pop-culture referencing title, anthemic and joyful rock music, and Patrick Motherfucking Stump. This is what makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. And to belt out Boycott Love! at random people.

3. Ryan Ross/Flowery scarves

It's kind of sad how immensely hilarious I find Ryan Ross's wardrobe choices. Both in potentia and in reality - there's a real danger that Ryan/Entertaining Items of Clothing will surpass all other pairings in Brendolina and take over the plot, but I can't seem to help myself. *is warped in the brain*

4. Original Slavefic.

This is a wip slavefic with original characters - the premise might seem a bit cliched to begin with but it is so much better than that. I am utterly fascinated by the dynamics between the two characters and have spent a lot of time pondering how things might progress. There is interesting world-building and depiction of cultural clashes and a compelling plot, but at the centre of it all is this amazing UST, which is complicated by so many things that I can't actually think of a way that it might be resolved (but I'm having fun trying). I can't remember the last time I read a romance plot where the ending wasn't obvious, and this is what makes the story so enjoyable. Much recommended.

In other news, I posted the second chapter of Brendolina this weekend in case anybody missed it.
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Hello all, hope you have been well-behaved and pornish in my absence! I went to London and saw Panic, and it was all rather delightful. Whilst there, I realised a few things.

* I really hate teenagers. And other people in general, but particularly teenagers. On several occasions, I was forced to display my hatred of teenagers with my elbows, which was somewhat satisfying, but still. So much hate. Grrr.

* Ryan Ross is even more inherently hilarious than I had previously thought. We were standing on the right side of the stage, in front of Jon Walker (maybe 10 meters from the stage), and about half way through the set, Jon and Ryan changed places for a bit. They were playing Folkin Around and Ryan was playing the tambourine, but then he started waving to the audience in a hello-there-right-side-of-the-stage-haven't-met-you-yet sort of way, doing a kind of Queen-like wave, and he forgot to play his tambourine. Cause he was waving and smiling like a happy little cowpoke. It was both hilarious and sweet, which, I suppose, sums up Ryan Ross. At the end of the last song (Mad As Rabbits) he climbed on Spencer's drumkit a la Frank Iero, and was very decorous about climbing off. Not very rockstar, but bless.

I have also successfully recruited my friend [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen into bandom, mostly by showing her pictures of Panic making funny faces. She has now adopted Ryan Ross as her style icon, and is looking forward to reading more fic, so if you see her friending you, this will be why. She is well-behaved and lovely, I promise, and very keen on boys frolicking about and wearing sparkly things.

I'm compiling a reclist for her, and I'd be grateful for some help. I'm thinking of fics that are particularly character-based, since characterisation in this fandom is based to a large extent on other fics. I've got [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's A Quickest Way To Ruin A Friendship" as an All You Need To Know About Ryan Ross And His Angst-fic, but what would be good introductions to other characters? Particularly Panic, but FOB and MCR as well. Other Ryan-centric stories would also be welcome. Preferably not AU at this stage, although I do have her reading the Slavefic already (as that was one of the major inducements in getting her into bandom).

But yes, any stories that you would recommend as particularly good introductions to various characters and/or pairings would be most welcome. Please help!
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[livejournal.com profile] ignipes and [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane were making lolmacros yesterday, when this magnificent piece was created.

It was accompanied by a discussion on a Ryan Ross sex tape: Both of us want somebody to write a story about Ryan Ross's sex tape, which would be, of course, the most hilariously awkward sex tape to ever hit the internet--possibly involving a lot of creepy staring and/or falling off the bed--and it would get loaded to YouTube under the name "a better fuck ahahahahahahahahahaha," then Brendon finds it and dies laughing.

This got me thinking. What kinds of sextapes would other members of bandom make? You know that somewhere in the depths of Pete Wentz's sidekick there's grainy footage of a teenaged Patrick wanking. But what about other people? Would Gabe Saporta want to spread his message by showing people how he communes with his cobra? Would Gerard Way insist on covering everything with fake blood? Who would Jon Walker do a sextape with? Is there a small print in the Decaydance contracts that requires one sextape per year from each band? THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Therefore, what we need is a


Come on, people! You know you want to! Also, somebody needs to tell me how to put larger fonts on html.
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i. I have bought a coffee grinder. It gives me an excuse to put even more coffee into my espresso maker (four shots of espresso, except stronger!), so am now slightly woozy from coffee. Wheeeeeee. *makes woozy head motions*

ii. Apparently, summer has arrived. Those of you not living in the UK might not realise that this isn't, in fact, a yearly occurrence (winter, on the other hand, does happen every year, but with summer it's more like every two or three years). Nevertheless, at the moment we have 25 ÂșC and sunshine, which means many half naked people wondering around. I may have been one of them this morning, even, since nice weather means that I can wear shorts and show off my tattoo. I very much like showing off my tattoo. This probably means that I'll have bare legs for the next three or four months.

iii. Met [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw today, who was lovely as ever. We are going to see Cobra Starship on Tuesday, which should be exciting, although I'm not sure if I can keep from giggling when Gabe does the cobra fangs. Then again, in this fandom mockery is love as can be proved by the very existence of Ryan Ross.

iv. Apparently there's a UK slash conference every October? [livejournal.com profile] connotations, and I'm astonished that I didn't know about this - did anyone know about this? Does anyone want to go? Sounds like fun. *ponders*
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Ahahahahaa. Oh, Pete. Oh, Ryan. Why do I get the feeling Pete Wentz is somewhere out there writing fic about Ryan's frilly blouses and flowery scarves? Don't front, Pete, we all know you ship Panic GSF by getting them drunk and fondly at Angels and Kings.
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So, I was thinking the other day (as one does, when surrounded by an ever-growing collection of ridiculous pictures featuring Panic At The Disco) about Meet and Greets, and particularly, about the kind of questions one might ask at a Meet and Greet. Or, rather, the kind of questions one might want to ask but wouldn't because one would get thrown out for making Ryan Ross cry public indecency.

You see where I'm going with this?

Let's have a game, then. A game where people can come up with all kinds of interesting and exciting questions that would make Ryan blush and Spencer frown and Brendon giggle like a demented five-year-old. I'll start. :)

Is its true about the band orgies?

Looking at the lyrics from your last album, I see that you, Ryan, have been particularly influenced by nonsense poetry. Want to tell us something about that?

In one of the songs on your first album, Brendon sings about being 'of consenting age'. I think it's very interesting that this is something you feel your listeners should know about you. What kind of a relationship do you think this creates between you and your fans?

In the video for 'Nine in the afternoon', we learn that Brendon is scared of girls, Jon has a fetish for moustaches and longjohns, and Spencer likes to have people dress up as animals. What do you think your part says about you, Ryan? Other than that your clock is bigger than anyone else's?

Now you. *chinhands*

Edited to add: Brendon, how would you describe your relationship with coffee tables?


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