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Apparently Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are getting a divorce. Let the "oh I told you so"s commence.
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Yesterday I had a [personal profile] sunsetmog and some pie. It was glorious. We watched My Chem and Panic and the Divine Comedy, and I was reminded of how much I actually love Neil Hannon and his clever little songs and his beautiful voice. And that tattooing 'tonight we fly' somewhere on my body would be a wonderful idea.

In other news, I have sold four stories in exchange of donations to help_haiti, totalling at $220. This makes me feel most virtuous, especially as I cannot afford to make any donations myself. Stories offered include:

Remus/Sirius. I haven't written this in many, many years, but I am having Thoughts about how it might go. I discovered Harry Potter at the same time as the Divine Comedy, which makes this evening's Neil Hannon love-fest most inspirational.

Regency MCR. Still have no idea about what to do with this, since I already have two separate Lord Ways in my head and am not sure how to manage a third. Something will come up, no doubt.

Regency Adam/Kris. I have a universe and sort of a plot for this, but the problem is that this Kris is kind of an entitled idiot and the story will suffer if I end up despising the POV character (see all my fic including Harry Potter). As I told [personal profile] sunsetmog, happy, well-adjusted people annoy me.

Sherlock Holmes 2009, Mary/Irene. This is also somewhat developed in my brain, as it consists mostly of ladies being awesome and boys being stupid. Expect much mockery of Victorian gentlemen.
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After a conversation on [livejournal.com profile] scribblinlenore's journal, I started thinking about what makes somebody a good pleasure slave for fictional purposes? What kind of character traits would be useful in making scenarios with pleasures slaves more thrilling? How would, say, the petulant sulkiness of Ryan Ross compare with the petulant sulkiness of Rodney McKay? How about the respective energeticnesses of Brendon Urie and Captain Jack Harkness? Hence, a poll.

Note: Female characters are purposefully excluded from this poll, because I find the concept of female pleasure slaves considerably more disturbing and problematic. Feel free to judge me on that, but it's a thing I have.

[Poll #1437328]
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When in trouble, imagine cracky porn.

I have deciphered the secret of the Panic split. See, Ryan Ross, that scoundrel, got Brendon Urie pregnant but he refuses to acknowledge the child as his (Brendon cried when Ryan called him a slut, and had to be aggressively cuddled). This is why Spencer (who is secretly in love with Brendon, duh) and Pete are rallying around Brendon. And Jon is sticking up with Ryan because he shouldn't be left alone even though he's a douchebag and because Jon is maybe kind of in love with him. Then angsty porn with guilt issues ensues, ending (naturally) in epic and cuddly GSF. Right? Right.
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Ugh, American Idol fandom, why so creepy? And so full of badfic? I kind of feel like those of us from older RPF fandoms need to sit them down and explain what level of public intimacy is okay and what is not, and what are respectful ways to treat significant others of your pairing. And I say this a someone who thinks that ignoring significant others is one such way, as it makes the scenario more fictional and therefore less infringing on their reality which should be private. And as someone who has a whole other rant about how heterosexual marriage is not omg so much more valid than any other relationship ever.

But seriously. Don't be creepy.

On the other hand, I find it amusing that it is only in RPF outside bandom that I have standards. In bandom, there are no standards, and no shame. Instead of standards we have Pete Wentz and instead of shame, we have Ryan Ross. There can be no shame where there is Ryan Ross. There can only be flowery scarves.
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but how might I acquire an lj feed of bandom twitters? I've got Ryan Ross, all of My Chem and FOB through ich, but somehow my life would not be complete without the rest of Panic and Gabe and Bill Beckett. Help me feel complete. And snoop on Brendon and Spencer's discussions of Spencer's arse.
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I was planning to do a long post about race discourse and politics and academia, and about how happy I am for America today (I am so, so happy for you guys, and happy to see you all so happy), but then this happened, and what I have instead is Regency porn.

A Marriage of Convenience by [livejournal.com profile] jae_w. NC-17, 40000 words. It's Jon/Tom, a pairing that I don't read much usually but in this case I have to recommend it. The story is long and gorgeous, and has some fascinating world building, both in terms of Regency stylistics but also bandom tropes, how we see the relationships between various people and what we expect to find in them. Most importantly, it's a really well-written, tantalising romance. You'll want to read it. Go on. *nudges*
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Is there a Christmas fic exchange for bandom that would be open for everyone? [livejournal.com profile] nightmare_xmas seems to be defunct this year...
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I was chatting to [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane last night, and during our conversation (in addition to this), I mentioned how much I like Pete Wentz's q&a sessions, and how I dream of one day asking him which band, in Decaydance, would produce the most entertaining intra-band sextape, if forced to make one by the Sextape Fairy. I decided, however, that I'm not actually going to ask this of him and that in any case, it would be better to ask it of you, since you lot tend to be more creatively pornish. So, a poll.

[Poll #1234421]

Please also comment with possible sextape names, scenarios, and illustrative porn!
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Hello all, hope you have been well-behaved and pornish in my absence! I went to London and saw Panic, and it was all rather delightful. Whilst there, I realised a few things.

* I really hate teenagers. And other people in general, but particularly teenagers. On several occasions, I was forced to display my hatred of teenagers with my elbows, which was somewhat satisfying, but still. So much hate. Grrr.

* Ryan Ross is even more inherently hilarious than I had previously thought. We were standing on the right side of the stage, in front of Jon Walker (maybe 10 meters from the stage), and about half way through the set, Jon and Ryan changed places for a bit. They were playing Folkin Around and Ryan was playing the tambourine, but then he started waving to the audience in a hello-there-right-side-of-the-stage-haven't-met-you-yet sort of way, doing a kind of Queen-like wave, and he forgot to play his tambourine. Cause he was waving and smiling like a happy little cowpoke. It was both hilarious and sweet, which, I suppose, sums up Ryan Ross. At the end of the last song (Mad As Rabbits) he climbed on Spencer's drumkit a la Frank Iero, and was very decorous about climbing off. Not very rockstar, but bless.

I have also successfully recruited my friend [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen into bandom, mostly by showing her pictures of Panic making funny faces. She has now adopted Ryan Ross as her style icon, and is looking forward to reading more fic, so if you see her friending you, this will be why. She is well-behaved and lovely, I promise, and very keen on boys frolicking about and wearing sparkly things.

I'm compiling a reclist for her, and I'd be grateful for some help. I'm thinking of fics that are particularly character-based, since characterisation in this fandom is based to a large extent on other fics. I've got [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's A Quickest Way To Ruin A Friendship" as an All You Need To Know About Ryan Ross And His Angst-fic, but what would be good introductions to other characters? Particularly Panic, but FOB and MCR as well. Other Ryan-centric stories would also be welcome. Preferably not AU at this stage, although I do have her reading the Slavefic already (as that was one of the major inducements in getting her into bandom).

But yes, any stories that you would recommend as particularly good introductions to various characters and/or pairings would be most welcome. Please help!
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It's Thursday and I'm bored at work. Hence, a poll. :)

Who is the sexiest in bandom?

Read more... )
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Ahahahahaa. Oh, Pete. Oh, Ryan. Why do I get the feeling Pete Wentz is somewhere out there writing fic about Ryan's frilly blouses and flowery scarves? Don't front, Pete, we all know you ship Panic GSF by getting them drunk and fondly at Angels and Kings.
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i. I seem to have acquired three different icons of Spencer Smith fiddling with his cufflinks. Um, oops? Not that I have an addiction or anything. I could stop anytime, honest. If anyone finds a picture of Spencer with riding crop, I'm willing to exchange sexual favours for that. Just saying. Ryan Ross, if you're reading this, that doesn't apply to you. Should you send Spencer over, though...

ii. I was poking around at Wikipedia, as you do, and looking at the Les Liaisons Dangereuses page, when this text comes up.

This article appears to contradict the article Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Yeah, I don't know either. The mind, it boggles.

iii. Also, apparently there's a gay porn version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses? Ahahahaa, some things are just too good to be true. Someone should send me a copy, though.
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Making of That Green Gentleman video.

Ahahahahahahaa boys.Read more... )
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Hello all,

And welcome especially to all the new people who have joined since Brendolina. I should probably point out that I'm not as ridiculous as that name implies but I'd be lying, but if you've already had a look through my journal (which I hope you have - you wouldn't want to stumble upon such unadulterated depravity without warning), you'll already know enough about that.

A few things about the Regency AU.

I'm going to be using two tags, Brendolina and Regency AU. The former will be used in fic-posts only - new chapters, and any posts with snippets of fic. This is the tag you want to pay attention to if you only want to read the fic. The latter, on the other hand, will be used for the fic and all the conversations, ponderings, polls etc that concern the fic - this entry, for example, has the tag 'Regency AU'. So keep this in mind if you want to track the tags or something.

Now, I've already started writing the second part, but I can't tell you precisely when that's going to be posted. Could be a few weeks, could be a month, but no longer than that. All in all, I imagine this will be something along 40000 or 50000 words (since there is clearly something wrong with me and I cannot do it in less).

The next thing, though, is a sort of introduction of primary characters, with a brief blurb about Spencer's riding crop and Ryan's scarves and Gerard's hamster and so forth. This is where your help would be appreciated - I'm trying to find pictures of bandom people in anything approaching Regency costume. A nice suit, even, or anything with a shirt and tie, and dresses for VickyT and Greta. So if you know of any, please give us a shout and picspam and the comments! I've got a Gerard pic and a Spencer pic, but even with them more would be welcome. Thanks!
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Okay, somebody needs to talk me out of calling the Regency AU Brendolina: or, a young lady's gentleman's entry into the world. Cause my brain is approaching that stage of hysteria where that seems really funny. Um. *is warped*
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So, I was thinking the other day (as one does, when surrounded by an ever-growing collection of ridiculous pictures featuring Panic At The Disco) about Meet and Greets, and particularly, about the kind of questions one might ask at a Meet and Greet. Or, rather, the kind of questions one might want to ask but wouldn't because one would get thrown out for making Ryan Ross cry public indecency.

You see where I'm going with this?

Let's have a game, then. A game where people can come up with all kinds of interesting and exciting questions that would make Ryan blush and Spencer frown and Brendon giggle like a demented five-year-old. I'll start. :)

Is its true about the band orgies?

Looking at the lyrics from your last album, I see that you, Ryan, have been particularly influenced by nonsense poetry. Want to tell us something about that?

In one of the songs on your first album, Brendon sings about being 'of consenting age'. I think it's very interesting that this is something you feel your listeners should know about you. What kind of a relationship do you think this creates between you and your fans?

In the video for 'Nine in the afternoon', we learn that Brendon is scared of girls, Jon has a fetish for moustaches and longjohns, and Spencer likes to have people dress up as animals. What do you think your part says about you, Ryan? Other than that your clock is bigger than anyone else's?

Now you. *chinhands*

Edited to add: Brendon, how would you describe your relationship with coffee tables?
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i. There's a weird yellow thing in the sky. I have been giving it unimpressed looks all afternoon. *peers suspiciously at the sun*

ii. Been thinking about Panic characterisation, and I've realised that my writing of them can be encapsulated in the following.


Also, it's getting obvious that the Regency AU is basically everyone making bad jokes about Ryan Ross and his scarves (and unicorn pins and flouncy ruffles and extremely skinny breeches and a horse named Daffodil), cause my mind is warped that way, and also it never stops being funny. And there's going to be a ball, where Our Heroine (um, Brendon) is going to be humiliated by a Mean Girl, but then gets rescued and comforted by The Hero. There might be some thoughts on thighs and riding crops and possible swooning. All the Mean Girls are going to have names from Barbara Cartland novels. :)

iii. Apparently I've started developing migraines. Yay for thesis stress. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with them, or possibly avoid them?


Apr. 15th, 2008 08:10 pm
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Here's a story I've been unable to stop thinking about for the past four days.

Shotgun by [livejournal.com profile] ficsoreal. Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Mikey/Alicia, Ryan/Spencer, Ray/Bob. 20000 words on this the first installment, and there is more to come.

This is a fascinating world. There's a high society with modern (futuristic?) gadgets; arranged marriages and formal courtships, with all the lingering UST and waiting for first time sex that this implies (well, it implies that to me, but then again my mind has been warped by Regency romance), but also cars and computers and mobile phones. Most interestingly, society here isn't based around gender, or any innate (not that I think gender is innate, but that's a topic for another day) quality - both men and women hold power and status, and both men and women can hold the position of the sheltered, protected partner. Also, status is conferred by tattoos, and issues of branding (marking, stamping your tramp *g*) are being debated.

I've read this story four times since I first came across it, and I cannot stop thinking about what might happen next, how these relationships might pan out, how this world works. It's the most compelling fic I've read in a long time, and the most enjoyable. Very much worth a read.
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i. I've plotted the whole first chapter of the Regency AU (hmm, must come up with a name - a shame Adventures in High Life is already taken *g*), and hope to finish a first draft by next week. Why does my brain refuse to come up with shorter fics? I expect the first chapter to be around 5000 words and there could easily be ten more chapters. Argh. I don't have the time (or the hands) to write 50000 words of porn.

Also, I'm starting to find some interesting difficulties in terms of historical accuracy. The thing is, I know this period extremely well (I'm not a historian but I am a scholar of literary history, and this era happens to be my specialty), I'm aware of things like how people would have addressed each other, what would have been appropriate and inappropriate familiarity and such. Sir Peter Wentz might think of Mr Stump as his dear sweet Patrick, but it would be impossible that he would ever call him so, no matter how eccentric his reputation. Mr Ross and Mr Smith might, as foster brothers, address each other by first name, but they could not allow their friend Mr Urie to do so. This causes all kinds of problems in terms of romance templates and fanfiction plot devices. Not to mention things like responses to homosexuality in Regency England - one might argue that Oxbridge-educated gentlemen might have learned to appreciate Greek customs and Greek love, but country-bred men such as Brendon, or Dissenters like Patrick? HIghly unlikely. And I cannot be willfully anachronistic with this. Well, not more than is strictly required by the notion of putting bandom people into Regency England in the first place. *g*

ii. In other news, I have purchased the new Muse cd/dvd and unsurprisingly, Matt Bellamy continues to be a rockgod who makes my spine ( and other places) tingle. Please Mr Bellamy, make a new album soon so that I may take even more delight in your sheer existence. And if you wouldn't mind, a Queen cover album with My Chemical Romance would be nice. I know you're mates with them and all, so there's no excuse. Think of all the guitar offs you could have with Ray Toro! And Gerard could teach you all about stagegay!

*takes a moment to contemplate this*

iii. Does anyone know why [livejournal.com profile] bandomsecrets seems to have been deleted?


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